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Published August 16, 2011
    Pamela McKinnis, a sixty-five year old retiree, has recently become a possible suspect in some missing leopard-print shades. Though Pamela brought back the neon Purple Ford Taurus after a rather lengthy test-drive, she did not however bring the sunglasses back that were left in the car. The owner, a male stripper from Fort Lauderdale, last saw them between the seat and console along with several plastic straw wrappers and some used condoms.  “They shades have special meaning to me—I nabbed them from the first client I ever had,” explains Raffalo with a wistful sigh.   

    “I just wanted to look cool in my new little sports car,” she explained like a child who secretly steals a couple cookies before dinner. So what happened to these sunglasses after Pammy’s little joy ride? Pamela keeps her eyes on the ground when she says, “I wore them but that’s it . . . but if I happen to find them, I would give em’ back. But I don’t have them.”

    Described by Pamela as “multisex,” these shades are described as looking genuinely flattering on, “just about anyone.” They also added an overall cool factor to the spin around the McDonalds parking lot, and jaunt around the retirement community to show that little miss snotty, Wynn-Rose, a thing or two.

     “They really added to the whole ambiance to the drive . . . and really were the deal-breaker for me, personally,” Pamela said in what she thought was a whisper as she tucked the protruding sunglasses back into her purse. 

    Unfortunately, it was last reported that these sunglasses broke a week later.