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June 14, 2017

Find the rarest Halloween costumes for 2017! Right here!

It may seem crazy, but believe it or not Halloween is right around the corner. With June coming to a close, families all across the world are gearing up for an evening of tricking, treating, and getting dressed up as their favorite characters. For those interested in spicing things up a little bit, here are some of the rarest Halloween costumes for 2017 that will make you star of any Halloween party:

1) Yourself, but a city version. Or yourself, but a country person, depending on where you live.See which version of yourself you like more. Approx price: The Blues Clues box set.

2) Dr. Pepper but a dentist version that gets really mad when people tell you you’re not really a doctor. Approx price: An authentic, Good Morning American coffee mug.

3) Tom Brady but if he had been drafted by the Montreal Expos showing a side of the superstar that we rarely see. Approx price: Paying for a 4 star meal with Robert Kraft.

4) Your least favorite boss you’ve ever had and when people ask you who you are rant until they run away. Approx price: Your dignity and self worth/confidence.

5) Superman but instead of an “S” on your chest, there’s just a hole so that people can see into your soul. Approx price: 6 fresh avocados.

6) Santa Claus because I think that people should always be planning ahead. And also, it’s weird that people don’t dress up as Santa for Halloween. Approx price: A 2% stake in Poland Springs water.

7) Mike Pence, but actually your Dick Cheney. Approx price: An L.L. bean Back to School backpack.

8) Air Bud but if his career was tragically cut short by a torn ligament and he didn’t focus on his studies in college so he has no other outlet. Approx price: Not being a good boy.