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May 11, 2015

Keep your rosaries out of my lifelike animations of myself.

I can no longer be silent. We will no longer be shamed.The time is now. No one but you can decide what to do with your MyIdol creation. Some may look down upon you for making your MyIdol strip, while others think the whole thing is “an ungodly venture into the uncanny valley.”But unless they have walked a mile in your shoes, no one should be able tojudge you and your decisions.

I, personally, came upon MyIdol after witnessing some examples on Instagram. I was curious and bored. It wasn’t the typical situation you hear, the one that television and media often portrays, of a young woman fallen on hard times. Just at that moment, making a MyIdol was the right choicefor me. I put my animated alter ego in a pink dress and had her strut down a runway to a Chinese pop song. Is it something I still think about? Yes. But do I regret it? Absolutely not.

MyIdol is not for everyone. For some it is a heavy reminder that robots will eventually conquer the world. Others have more personal reasons to avoid the life like kewpie doll creations. But for many, myself included, they found MyIdol at a point in their lives that was appropriate. I’m not making light of the issue, I know it is terrifying and unsettling. This is not meant to be controversial for controversy’s sake. I just ask that he who has never made a Bit Strip be the first to cast stones.And you would probably be surprised. You never know at what point you may find yourself making your own MyIdol.