A couple questions: Do you love pondering the grand expanse of the universe? Don’t you wish Tom Hanks was there to do that with you? Now, thanks to Stephen Colbert’s second “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars,” it’s kinda like Tom Hanks is there pondering the universe with us, only he’s doing it with Stephen Colbert.

Colbert also talked to John Oliver—wow, two guests in one night?? We know, right? Oliver talked to his fellow host/Daily Show alum about why he doesn’t give a shit about Donald Trump-related news. Let him explain:

In a very funny remote segment over on The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. (both v. big Bad Boys fans) investigated whether or not all cops are racist, which ends up taking a little more effort than they expected. Says an exhausted Jordan Klepper to the Center for Policing Equity’s Phillip Goff “Is there fucking nuance to this?”

And finally, here’s Ken Jeong, notable doctor turned comedian turned comedian who plays a doctor, doing an impression of his younger self’s impression of Korean Johnny Carson. Turns out it’s kinda dated, but what is time, anyways, really? Hey that seems like a good big question for Tom Hanks to ask!