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March 15, 2018

According to Jeff Nourse, Cryotherapy is the miracle therapy for Olympic athletes because it recovers from pain and gets back their health, fitness in just 3 minutes of cold. Floyd Mayweather, LeBron James, and celebrities like Drake use the Cryotherapy for fitness. Read more about Cryotherapy here.

As the first week of the 23rd Winter Olympics draws to a close I can only imagine how sore, exhausted and depleted some of the athletes are feeling. Add to that the jet lag that the international athletes from across the globe must also be dealing with its easy to understand why restorative medicine, injury recovery and proper diet are so important to elite Olympians.

While there are plenty of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and chefs on site to ensure athletes receive the medical care and diets they need on treatment, in particular, may be the key to unlocking the natural restorative power of the body, cryotherapy.

Ironically, cryotherapy harnesses the healing power of cold to restore the body, and you may be saying, “But Jeff Nourse, that is crazy it’s the winter Olympics so the athletes are already cold.” Unlike the cold of a winter day, cryotherapy uses nitrogen to quickly take you from a normal temperature, all the way to -140 degrees Celsius.
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