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Published: December 22, 2008
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I apoligize to my readers that I went off of my rant about Tina fey's Sarah palin and Jerry McCornell's ( or whatever is his name,I never thought he was that good of an actor for me to know his name)Governor rob Blagojevich.And,leap into a rant about this obnoxious Big Bird looking AA creepy bitch who if she was a 400 lbs muscle bound guy I would of beat the living shit out of.Back in my days,I loved finding the most scary looking who just got of prison and start barfights with like it's the middle of a John Wayne movie.Almost like the creepy guy played Bigby in Trainspotting.But,I really related to the junkies though I never herion per saY.EVERYTHING ELSE THOUGH.LATER SPORTS FANS.

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