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August 03, 2010

Breaking the dreams of Kids who LOVE Freddy....

Halloween is coming up I always loved this holiday. I work with kids so everyday I over hear or get into discussions about costumes and characters. The one character the kids are obsessed with is Freddy Krueger. Now I totally get it the horror genre is so big around that age I mean Halloween, Friday the 13th all big hits, classics. But really kids Freddy? The man was burned by angry parents cause he was a pedophile. I’m so close to saying:

“Umm no Jimmy don’t say you love Freddy cause well if you did meet him he’d probably molest you, steal your innocence and slice you up in the process. Now yes the slicing up part would really hurt but you know some scars just don’t heal… oh never mind…why don’t you go and idolize Jason Vorhees he’s a killer out of revenge and techinally he had a crazy mom and was murdered so he is a better serial killer….. Jimmy why are you crying? Shhh, Everything is okay I mean it is not like I told you there is no santa claus or tooth fairy…(jimmy begins wailing) Oh wait so your mom didn’t cover that topic either shhh it’s okay…Freddy isn’t real either so that’s a good thing….no actually child molestors are real and they probaby live all over this town…oh darn and you just stopped crying! Here Jimmy take this cookie run along and if your mom asks nothing happened…”

So what are you going to be for Halloween?