Kevin Hart hosted SNL this week, and what an exciting episode to host! SNL‘s first episode of the new year is largely inconsequential since the show’s season does not correspond with the calendar year so there haven’t been any big changes. BUT, perhaps as a viewer you made a New Year’s resolution and that affects your viewing, or maybe even some of the cast and crew made New Year’s resolutions and that affects, I don’t know, something! Who’s to say that nothing has changed? With that in mind let’s proceed to some of the episode’s highlights.

The cold open was about Martin Luther King day, which by now has passed, but it was good so it certainly doesn’t hurt to watch it. If you’re saying it hurts you are lying, and that’s very bad, stop!

This week, two Kate-McKinnon-as-Justin-Bieber Calvin Klein ads made it to air, and the third is a bonus that we all should be thankful for. Did you say “thank you” yet today for the unaired Calvin Klein clip (LOL try saying that 5 times fast)? Say thank you. Thank SOMEONE.

The most sharable, likely to go viral, and probably posted to your Facebook timeline 7+ times this weekend if you live in Brooklyn or know someone who lives there, clip of the week was “Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015.” And that’s fine because it was good! In it, Kevin Hart walks ten dogs. A+ to all ten of those dogs.

The final sketch of the evening was a good exercise in Kevin Hart jumping up and down. Which, in turn, was probably good exercise! Man, these descriptions really write themselves.