The Super Bowl needs Chris Martin for halftime, meaning Chris Martin needs a ride to the Super Bowl, and we all know that Chris Martin can’t afford a car, so he caught a lift with James Corden. The only catch is that he had to do a “Carpool Karaoke” segment to pay for gas.

These days, nothing gets more traction on the web than a good, old-fashioned, nostalgia-packed TV reunion, so Jimmy Kimmel must have figured he’d cash in with an E.R. homecoming, only he couldn’t get anyone besides George Clooney. So he brought in a ringer.

Meanwhile, Charlie Day talked to Conan about how the cast of It’s Always Sunny almost killed Danny DeVito, a tiny, buoyant 71-year-old, who responded to near death by going home without saying goodbye to anyone.

Finally, on The Late Show, we got treated to a nice little Northwestern reunion between former improv teammates Stephen Colbert and David Schwimmer, who Colbert is quick to point out had Kylo Ren hair in college. This is something we’d totally do to our friends, too, except that all of our college friends had hair that was cool AF.