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August 01, 2013

don ho is a great man with a great legacy

this is a true story. ok i lied its a lie, but this is the internet god dammit.

don ho had an acquaintance, dirty ho (the same ho as in the other article i wrote). dirty ho sold coke. one day dirty ho met dirty slut (a righteous american) and had a despute. dirty ho went to don ho, and they settled it - it was time for a showdown (or ho down. actually no). dirty slut was a notorious coke head, and often bought from dirty ho. basically, dirty ho took dirty sluts coke, fame, and boyfriend. i remember it like it was yesterday (this was on aim):

dirty slut: dirty ho. DIRTY HO. first you take my blow, then you took my show, and now my mans a no show? dirty ho, what are you trying to proove.

dirty ho replied: i took your coke cause you're broke, i took the show because you're a ho, and your man was always a no show.

don ho had the final say when he said "dirty ho, you sell blow and dirty slut? U TAKE IT UP THE BUTT!" LOL. LOL.