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June 23, 2010


What a dizzy almost spellbinding, rollercoaster of a ride Bill Zucker has been having lately. Its a monumental struggle just to keep tabs on this social media and toilet paper junkie.

Everyday, something new is being reported in the media about this crazy shades wearing, guitar swinging, deep-throated chick magnet who seems to keep notching up hot babes on his bedpost at his Miami based 'Castle Zucker' compound.

From behind large iron gates, Zucker masquerades by day as a Comedian, Musician and Toilet paper pimp, but by night, it seems he begins his daily quest to entice some starstruck starlet wannabe, into his chauffeur-driven Bentley Continental and back to his beach side retreat. Dazzling her with opulent palm trees scattered around his 20 acre grounds and an enormous pool that even Caesar himself would be proud of. Zucker then serenades his guest with acoustic versions of his dance floor hits 'TARP song' and 'Twitter song' while she sips Cristal champagne from 'BZ signature' jewel encrusted flutes. However these sordid tales of Zucker's debauchery always surface when his gorgeous and bubbly partner actress Lydia Cornell is away filming on location.

So it didn't surprise anybody last night, when socialite Paris Hilton sent him some explicit pictures of herself  via Facebook - that were seen by thousands of his fans. Hilton is said to have contacted him about 40 minutes after TMZ broke the news of her split from Doug Reinhardt.

There is also other evidence to suggest that Zucker could have spent a night or two 'In Paris' with 'Paris'. Just a month ago the two of them had attended the opening of the new 'Loo-vre' Toilet Paper Gallery in France while Lydia Cornell was in Hollywood doing some promotional work. Hilton who had recently become the new brand ambassador for Zucker's Home Colonoscopy Kit, flew with Zucker on his flagship Temple Airways jet with actress Lindsay Lohan. Lohan had decided to stay behind and take some driving lessons, so Hilton and Zucker flew back alone. Maybe it was then that they 'sealed the deal'.

Hilton  herself, has been on record to say that she adores coming out to Miami and was even close to buying a beachfront property. But her plans to paint the beachside property a hot pink were rejected and the sale fell through. Had she moved there then she would have been within walking distance of Zucker's home. She has also been spotted out in Miami  with toilet paper on her shoes - so the only person she could have got it from was Zucker - she only feeds her habit with rolls of 'soft and gentle'.

Zucker is currently appearing in the Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker Comedy Hour with Broadway pin-up actor Kelsey Grammer - famous for playing the ill-fated lover of Kate Winslet in the 1997 smash hit 'Titanic'.

We asked Zucker to comment but his Publicist told us that he couldn't be reached for he was inspecting his new Cuban Toilet Paper plant. Hilton was keeping a low profile too and chose to wear knickers at a function at The White House and Lindsay Lohan is still in France enjoying driving along the wrong side of the road there. Kelsey Grammer shouted "Damn you Zucker"  and slammed the phone down on us the moment we mentioned Zucker.

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