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September 10, 2009


   Hello to all! Might be cuz I'm not working yet, I'm not out there day in day out like most of you. I'm just not hearing any jokes & the ones I do hear make my little sister angry. Not exactly politically correct & dead baby jokes are out of the question. It may be that the economy has put a stranglehold on us, or that we are so stressed out noone takes the time. Where are the political jokes? C'mon! McCain & Palin must have a handful each! My father could rattle off 100s of them. Always knew politically incorrect & racist ones. I'd hate to think that the art of good joke telling is now a lost art, thanks in part to the internet. Driving trucks, I always came across a few good ones a week... So hook a sister up! I'll take any, I don't care how poor! If you think someone reading it here will laugh when they read it, then please post it here. I'd like to hear some of the best ones, though. I'm on a mission! Initially to get clean ones to tell my sister, but I just plain miss hearing them myself. I'm sure I'm not alone on this. Please tell us your best ones...Thanks & C'ya! SB7