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January 14, 2015

by people just like you

The Definitive collection =Loretta Lynn, January 19, 2007
By S. Stackpole “oldie but goodie” (Traveling) - See all my reviews

This review is from Definitive Collection (Audio CD)

“Did not care for the songs. All songs were about cheating on husband or wife and very depessing. Would not reccommend this to any one.”

This is an honest to God, Amazon customer review of the Loretta Lynn Definitive Collection. No irony intended whatsoever. Loretta Lynn is a legendary country music singer. To buy her CD not expecting sad tunes, is like buying an Eminem CD and finding it a bit on the vulgar side.


Ed Camp1 month ago

Miranda Lambert sorry your nothing to these legends and Loretta would wanted Dolly Parton there but Dolly gives her love but Dolly was in the England and Loretta and Dolly are best friends and Miranda Lambert to well not a country heart and stuck up and Dolly and Loretta you always win my heart and Sheryl Crow did beautiful but Miranda Lambert fucked it up her hubby hates gays even she dont loves gays she SUCKS she never be a legend love Dolly or Loretta and Miranda Lambert HATES GAYS WHY SHE MARRIED TO A GUYS THAT HATES GAYS GET REAL..DOLLY AND LORETTA MIGHT BE OLDER BUT FULL OF LOVE AND THE BEST SINGERS!…Miranda Lambert HATES GAYS!

Erik Peterson1 month ago

I’m not a fan of gays as well

This comment by Ed Camp is referring to a collaborative performance by singers Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow and the legendary Loretta Lynn. In a bizarre twist, he slides slowly off the rails, from what starts as a composed, yet biting insider’s jab at one of the performers’, before suddenly unraveling and launching into a completely unforeseen ranting tirade. To top it off, the agreement expressed in cool as a cucumber style, of an opinion utterly loaded with hate, is a perfect compliment to the sudden unhinged belligerence of the former. Ultimately it amounts to a fine quality amusement that reflects two deeply post-modern forms of insanity. The first derived from an obsession with and internalization of the personal lives of celebrities, and the second a casual attitude taken while expressing the most disgraceful and disgusting opinion possible to hold, evincing either his aloofness to the obvious fact that his opinion is inappropriate, or the fact that people will say anything online.