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March 14, 2018

Let’s take a look at some of the most hysterical beards ever grown and make sure we won’t grow them if we were paid.

Beards – what would we do without it them? Well, if they’re similar to the ones we’re about to introduce you to, we’d do a lot better, that’s for sure. We all know those lush, amazing beards that most of us can’t grow but pine for.
What most of us don’t know,though, is that there are some beards we wouldn’t even consider growing. Let’stake a look at some of the most hysterical beards ever grown and make sure wewon’t grow them if we were paid.



We’re not sure, but legend hasit that this beard was inspired by Satan’s horns. Don’t get us wrong, the colors are really amazing, but this could get you excommunicated from the Catholic Church.



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This is what happens when you sneeze so hard that your turban sticks to your chin. In other circumstances,this would be glorious, but there’s something really off in its shape. Plus, it makes his head look so much smaller than it actually is.



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Is it a beard or an octopus that died trying to learn geometry? Well, perhaps it’s both. While this is certainly fancy, we have no idea who would do this to their faces without being held at gunpoint.



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This is basically the visual presentation of the word “oxymoron”. In case you didn’t notice, he’s got a beard. Maybe you should get your eyes checked… Of course, there’s no denying that, no matter how ludicrous this is, this guy has style.



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You’ve been read the story of Rapunzel when you were a kid, but it was the butchered version you’ve heard:the original was actually written about this guy and his beard, not about a beautiful lady and her hair. Get your facts straight.



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Could you imagine what turn would the Spiderman franchise have taken if Peter Parker didn’t develop any supernatural powers but got this bad boy instead? He would’ve probably joined Uncle Ben in the choir invisible. By his own hands, of course.



There’s such a thing called “reading too much Lovecraft”. We’ve got no clue as to whether Cthulhu would approve of this or it would make the owner go mad with cosmic terror – Maybe a combination of the two?


Is it a patchy beard or a rug? Whatever it is, it doesn’t look cool.Chances are this dude isn’t getting any until he shaves that right off. This isone of those things that are so awful they’re funny.



Via Bajiroo

You can say that your beard is flamboyant, nobody stops you, but is it as flamboyant as this one? We’ve got to give him props for the attitude, however. He surely looks like he’s seen a couple of things in his life.



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With just a little inspiration and determination, one can become the work of art he always wanted to be. This guy went the whole 9 yards, though. One can only wonder how in the name of God he sleeps with that.