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January 18, 2010



I recently read a news report that said there may be a link between that little wonder of technology we know as the cell phone and all kinds of brain afflictions!

I find this piece of news disturbing. Where do these news agencies get off trying to blame cell phones for something like this? What have cell phones ever done to them? By my measure, cell phones have gotten our country, nay, our world through some pretty crazy times and some pretty historical events.

I mean, wasn't it cell phones that were responsible for the new world being discovered? When Christopher Columbus set sail across the vast oceans with the odds stacked against them and the waves reaching 30ft, what got him here? The experienced sea mean aboard the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria? NO! It was a sturdy, manmade, heavily built cell phone!

Years later when the pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock, what carried them when the winds got so strong that the strongest of men could barley hold on? What did they rely on to deliver them from tyranny? That's right! CELL PHONES!

It was cell phones that…wait.

That's boats.

I was thinking of boats.

I do that all the time, mix words up. It’s so funny – it’s like blurred vision and short-term memory loss and then I start mixing up my words, usually while talking on my cell phone.

Oh, and standing in front of my home X-Ray machine.

Anyway, if you have any questions about this POW give me a call on my cell. Actually, if you just have any kind of question in general about anything, give me a call. I offer all kinds of advice - oh, and discount X-Rays - I also offer discount X-Rays.

Right here in the comfort of my own boat.