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Published November 17, 2011
Men Vs. Women Stars Kevin Barrett and Laura Steigers in this fun, quirky web series deciphering the differences that men and women share in everyday life. Follow Kevin and Laura through their day to day antics including sex, lies, general confusion and the just plain weird. A completely relatable show that will keep you coming back for more. Unlike traditional web shows, Men Vs. Women sticks to quick 1 min episodes that leaves you wanting more. Join in the fun and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the newest episodes. Beginning Jan. 4th 2012, a new episode will air every wednesday. So stay tuned and Enjoy Men Vs. Women

Episode 1: Men never know what a woman is truly thinking, and woman can’t understand why a man is the way he is. Laura attempts to connect with Kevin in this premiere episode of Men Vs. Women

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