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March 05, 2009


Making the other person thinks they are getting rid of you.In this way you don't look like the bad guy.I've recently been in a  situation where it almost looked like I had to fire someone and they up and quit on me.Cool.No Guilt at all.A perfect sociopathic mindgame.Thank you God.In the immoral words of George Pappard when he played on the A-Team,"I love it when a plan comes together!!!". There's nothing better than a true Machiavellian mind-fuck.The best thing is the other person set the game plan that you can counter with.It's like Brer Rabbit telling Brer Fox and Brer Bear(?) not to throw him into the thorn field when he wants to be thrown into the thorn field.So,let me think it's their idea and everything usually works out for the best.