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November 18, 2010

clarification letter, this shit doesn't format right.

Clarification notice By: Raymond Carrington aka Grizz A few years back, I did a hack piece on a gay dude. I made mad fun of his gayness and people were posting gay stuff all over my page as if to teach me a lesson. Now I have to quote Mr. Tracy Morgan when I say: “If you can take a dick you can take a joke”. Now I didn’t mean anything by that piece other than just being comical, but I removed the post so that I wouldn’t offend any more super sensitive, politically correct, frappe chino drinking Hipsters want to be cool like Ray people. I deleted the post and I really don’t think that any gay people were hurt, I think the activist within some people just over amped a smidge. I always felt a little cold after that, as regards to the site. Kind of black listed and dismissed because I think all the staffers over here are gay or their bosses are gay and they don’t like anyone to notice the difference. Like if I worked here they know that I would say one morning: “Dude your breath totally smells like cum, you need to go gargle or something, it’s making me gag.” That comment may be too close to home. That brings up a good question; do gay guys flirt by farting at each other? Doesn’t really matter and I’m way off topic with that. The point of this is to let people know what I am for, so that when they read some of my blue pages they know it’s just a fucking JOKE! 1. I AM FOR GAY MARRAGE. 2. I AM FOR FREE SPEECH. 3. I AM FOR WOMENS RIGHTS. 4. I AM FOR SOCIAL EQUALITIES AMONG ALL RACIS. 5. I AM FOR NATIONALIZED HEALTH CARE 6. I AM FOR LOWER TAXES AND HIGHER LIVINGS. 7. I AM FOR FINANCIAL AID TO AMERICAN STUDENTS FIRST. 8. BLOW JOBS, I LIKE BLOW JOBS. 9. I AM FOR HOUSING FINANCE THAT IS AFFORDABLE FOR ALL AMERICANS. 10. I LIKE A LITTLE TANG AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK. 11. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, I LIKE THAT. 12. I LIKE HOT RODS AND HARLEYS. 13. I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE TO ADOPT A SHELTER DOG. (EVERYONE) 14. What is wrong with trying to clean up the earth? 15. I want a nice car under twenty thousand dollars! 16. I want to go to fucking mars. 17. Exotic pets should be illegal. 18. I don’t think it should cost more to fix food at home than it does to go out and eat. 19. I want everyone on this earth to chase at least one dream and chase it till they cry, till they burn and they either realize their dreams or realize they didn’t really want it. 20. I want a minimum standard of living guarantee, that if you live in this country and you can make x amount of dollars a month, you will live at y level. No matter your health. This is how I roll. I saw a documentary today on a group of people with published books and studies. This group of people is seriously accepted in some scientific groups. The leader of this group said that she talks to plants and a Pea told her that we were Gods in the making, why don’t we get on with it? This bitch got funded by someone. I can’t get funded. I don’t converse with veggies.