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May 05, 2011

A deeper look into what one means when they say they mean it.

NY-  Today the President stood over the new construction sight at what was once the smoldering debris filled pit where the World Trade Center stood, and made some remarks concerning the things we say, and what we mean by them.  The man touted as the best speaking President since George W. Bush left office more than 2 years ago, made a very simple statement, that should send shivers down enimies spines.
 " When we say we will never forget, we mean what we say," Obama stated.

Ooooooo you hear that terrorists and enimies alike? By saying we mean it, means we mean it....you know about forgetting, which we won't, because we said it, which meant we meant it...forever...you shall never forget, that we said it. Because simply saying something doesn't always mean we mean it.  It doesn't become serious until you say you mean it.  Everyone on the playground knows that.   Sources later confirmed that Obama's remarks we written by contest winner Matty Prestone of William Taft Elementary School, of Tall Pines Colorado.  Matty, a second grader, who entered the contest, "Write a One Liner for The President", said "I never thought I could make the President ever say anything I wanted him too, I just pee peed  my pants."

   The White House later commented on the statement saying, " This kid spoke from the heart, and we thought that was the best line written for The President to date."  It also was confirmed that this isn't the first time Matty has helped Obama.  During one of Obama's stump appearances when he was running for President, his teleprompter writer was in fact none other than then kindergartener Matty Prestone.  Everyone remembers when the president said that he had been to all 57 states... what a jokester this kid is.  Schools from across the nation are now protesting Matty's win, saying that he was an insider and should have not been eligible to enter the contest in the first place.