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July 22, 2008


my kid brother, me and my friend john have this game we like to play. its called "rock throwin game". we try to hide from eachother and when we see eachother, we pick up a rock and throw it at eachother. i got a real strong arm and john is good to. last night my kid brother cryed and wanted to play too, so i said okay. the first rock thrown hit my brother right in the noggin. it made a looud noise like a hammer on a piece of wood. KNOCK! my kid brothers eyes went funny and then all the blood came out of his head.  it got all over his brand new osh kosh b gosh overalls and his motorcycle rider shirt, too. so much blood it looked like somebody shot him with a blood gun.  john ran home through the woods and when my dad saw my brother, he didnt even say nothin to me, he just grabbed my ear and made it come half the way off. so me and my kid brother both needed doctor time. boy o boy!