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June 25, 2009


This is your bread and butter.  You have made a living off this move since the times of the camera obscura back in ancient Rome.  You have refined your craft to the point that the actual move is trademarked as “that guy.”

Your spidey-sense tingles when a group walks in with a camera.  Like a lion on the Serengeti, you are patient and stalk your prey waiting for just the right moment to strike.  Throughout the night you keep a watchful eye on the group waiting for their cameras to be taken out.  You see groups all around you smiling and laughing; you anticipate the moment you will be able to make your move.  Once a camera is out, it is like “that guy” chum to you – your pulse quickens, you begin to perspire, and get a little lightheaded with giddiness.  Now is the time your years of training will pay off.  You check your hair, scope the lighting for the optimal “that guy” position, and move in for the kill.  The group lines up and strikes a pose.  A countdown begins: three… two… one…  SURPRISE… click.

It might be a few minutes later or even the next day, but your unsuspecting victims are in for a treat.  Depending on your style, it may be obvious or subtle like a game of I Spy or Where’s Waldo.  Regardless, they are in for a surprise when they reminisce about the good times had with their friends and loved ones.  Wait… what?!?  Who the hell is that?  He wasn’t with us last night, was he?  I don’t know him – do you know him? WHO IS THAT GUY?