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September 19, 2008


For the record, I'm not a writer who says, 'you can't make this stuff up.' I firmly believe you can, it's just that most of the time 'this stuff' is so stupid, that when we make it up we throw it away or delete it because it's so goddamned stupid no one would believe it. Unfortunately, reality doesn't have to get over that hurdle. That's just not fair. God is a shitty writer, and no one ever calls him on it. As is evidenced by today's tale of office stupidity.



Also, for the record I work in accounts payable. It is a very danger-filled, edge-of-my-seat thrill ride, which is why I can only devote about five hours of my work day to this site.  



Wednesday I got the following email at work:


Hi [bipolarboy], I was wondering if you could do a little sleuthing for me.  I have received a late notice from [some company] for an invoice dated 5/21/08.  The Invoice No. is ####### for $185.00.  I don’t have a copy of this invoice in my paid file, yet the local office of [some company] shows that the bill was paid by Check ####.  I’m totally confused.  Can you check it out when you get a chance and let me know if you find anything.




[person working from another office]



She's confused? I replied back... careful not to imply anger or retardation in this person. There's an office skill that needs to be taught in college: Interpersonal Communication with Fuck Ups. It should be required for any business major, but I digress:


Wait. I think I need clarification.


You’ve received a statement on a late invoice, that the company sending it says has been paid?


There’s no record of this invoice in our payment records. 


Her reply to my reply:

Look no further.  I’m just going to put this one through for payment.  Since neither of us has any back-up, I’m sure it was never paid.





Yes, despite for the fact that the company in question told you that it had been paid, there is no reason to believe it has.


I'll give this issue the urgency that it demands.