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December 19, 2009


The Merry Christmas Elf has again arrived to suck the the fucking fun outta my Christmas again.This little prick seems to have my address.

 Two weeks ago I was on cloud 9 when my son and daughter in law announced the upcoming birth of my first grandchild dew in late July.Followed only a week later my daughter announced a second blessed event.

Naturally good news like this and the time of the year is just wonderful.But as my life seems to be I must endure some extra fucking to offset any happyiness I my enjoy. Friday everybody at work in their holiday check recieved their 500 dollar bonus....right except me and 2 other people out of 140.Now you know that nobody is gonna be in the office till at least Jan 4th so there goes that.Oh well fuck it I say I'll just cut back a bit.

  So I leave to go shopping this morning and the wipers goes out on my truck.....coulnt be just the blades, it has to be the wiper motor.And since its an old truck nobody has a replacement.

Stay tuned for the rest....Things happen in threes ya know and there are some potential biggys that could really fuck things up.Dads health is unstable and Wifeys mom is in the hospital with 3 infections a heart attack and a new stint.

Hey...at least my wife got her lights up for the holidays

Ho Ho Ho