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January 24, 2011

I'm Dr. Mulky. Thirsty for knowledge? Listen to my wisdom, and I will paint you a fact. Feeling stupid? Not for long my simple friend.

"If you look at water closely enough you can see that it is just wet air.  That is why the word 'water' sounds a bit like 'wetair'"

"I didn't know our planet was called earth until I was 19 years old.  Up until then, no one ever told me, and I never asked.  I thought 'earth' was the name of some sort of angry god.  Sometimes you have to ask questions when you want answers."

"You can't really go backwards.  Even if you walk backwards, you are still going forward.  The only direction that really exists is forward.  All other directions are works of fiction."

"Sometimes, you have to use words to communicate.  If you are going to write those words, make sure they are spelled correctly.  If the word does not exist because you made it up, spell it however you like."

"Counting is a peculuar activity.  I know where to start but I don't know where to stop.  Sometimes you have to know when to stop.  I learned that the hard way."

"The universe is made of lots of tiny energy vibrations.  When you see a human vibrating, that does not mean they are a universe, that just means they are very cold.  I learned that the hard way too."

"Dogs are not cats and cats are not dogs.  In physics that's what we call Meeper's Law."

"If atoms were large enough, we could use them to build things.  That is also called Meeper's Law."