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November 28, 2009


 This isn't very funny, but I will commence making bacon and eggs for breakfast in about 3 minutes. Yum. I love bacon and eggs. My favorite eggs are scrambled eggs, although I do like a runny yolk to dip my bread in...so it's hard to decide what to do and I have to ask the room what they prefer and just go with the flow. Do you ever wonder how/why people just decided to eat things? I mean, I get that 2000 years of trial and error have benefitted us in terms of what is and what isn't edible...but seriously, who would look at some dirty thing shot out of a chickens ass and say "mmmmm"? Or "uga ugha mmmmm" to be more historically, linguistically, accurate?  Why did it occur to someone to churn butter? Who lost the bet and had to milk the first cow?  Who was the first person to milk a cow?  What did the cow think of it?  You know, if you watch, like, a farmer how-to video and they're like "you just slice of this" or "put this through a grinder"...do you ever wonder to yourself  "What kind of sick bastard started this?"  So...stop hating on sick bastards because sometimes, just sometimes, they are onto something because without sick bastards we wouldn't have bacon and eggs.  I'm not going to run out and buy an Albino talisman or anything like that (ick), but I will take a moment today to appreciate the sick bastards who came before us and made breakfast the most deliscious meal of the day.