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April 30, 2009


Its been a year, ups and downs., lefts and rights, gays and straits.
The feeling I have today is a feeling not unlike the feeling you get when you think you are going to throw up but don't.  Pleasent and a tad suprised.
Most people on their anniversary get gift cards and flowers, I'm lucky in the sense that I get Pig flue and Barney Frank.

I like pigs. I just can't possibly like anyone named Barney in the twenty-first century. I just can't, its too easy to chang your name -to be going around saying, "HI I'm Barney." He's probably a nice guy. I don't know I don't talk to people named Barney.(Its a clown thing.) Wasn't Bush's dog named Barney? Ok to many joke dots are clustering up on the Barney thought line so I need to get back to topic.
Pig flue, no my one year anniversary.  I've had a great time this year making video's and blogging and making all the e-freinds I have met this last year. Some have faded away and some have come into focus. Its been a unique experience for me.
 I have enjoyed it very much, so this next year should reveil some new stuff from me and hopefully a great time for all.
Have a drink on me,and thank all of you guys for the great year.