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September 13, 2009


So!  Who wants to be forced to know what my first comment on FOD was?  Don't be shy.  Come on!  Raise your hand - FORCIBLY!  I'm always seeing, obviously, with this big eyeball of mine...What else is it good for?  Reading?  Editing?  NAW!  That's what it gets paid for.  The night out comes from/is blamed on your words ;-)

Okay so...prepare yourself...really and truly now...it was the deepest thing ever.  Are you sure you can handle it?  ....okay...

My first comment on FOD:

To Will Ferrell - simply checked the 'Awesome Pants' box.

Second Comment on FOD:

To Will Ferrell - "Oh my god – you are the awesomest and I am going to steal your created word and use it everyday now…”Tigawesomer” – yeah, that’s right – I’m stealin it"

-So.  I wonder if I've grown as a person since then...if I know it's okay to just make up words, ripped off of other people who don't actually speak to me, or know I exist...if I do.  Well, what I do know is this - I have never since used the word 'Tigawesomer'.  It just never segwayed into my daily convo's.  Hmm...Perhaps I jinxed myself.  Either that or you all are really bad association.  One fact, I DO know...

 Amy4birds really needs to stop humping my leg.