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November 05, 2008


you wanna know somethin that ticks me off?
ppl that tell you one thing an act like they mean it
then it turns out their just playin you
well ya know what?
im sick of gettin played
im sick of bein lied ta
an im sick of ppl thinkin im a dayum fool
ppl think i cant tell when their lying ta my face
but you know what
i CAN tell when im being lied to
i CAN tell when your just playing me
but i go along with your little game
till i find out whats really going down
till i know for a fact its just not me bein paranoid
an till i got proof so you cant lie your way outta it
outta your petty little lie
outta your petty little game you play on me
but hear this all who try to bring me down
try to break me
try to use me
an try to fxck with me
im tired an im sick of your mind games
you can an never will break me or bring me down
im way strong than you EVER will be
i have more guts than you ever will have in this lifetime
or the next
cause i dont need to play mind games
i dont need to lie
to feel loved
to feel wanted
to feel strong
or to feel good about myself
cause im a real human being
i respect ppls feelings
even yours
till you try an fxck me over
then i have no feelings for you
cause your not human
only a monster would try to break down others
just so they feel superior to them
that dont swing well with me so ya know what
go ahead try an fxck with me
we'll see who comes out on top
but i'll be dayumed if i let it be you
an if your one of those ppl
who just added me to watch me for someone else
to see who i talk to
to see what i'll say
go fxck yourself
or go fxck who ever your working for
go stay stuck up their azz
leave me be
an remove me from your list
cuz if you dont then i'll just have to bring you down
like the monster your working for
dont pertend to be my friend if your really not
i dont need that
an i sure as hell dont need you
but if you are one of those ppl
weather it be a male or a female
if you want to write hate mail to me
from either yourself or for your boss
go right ahead
i'll just laugh my cute little laugh
right in your face
an say to your face "dont hate me cause you aint me"
cause if your are one of these ppl
you aint nuffin but obsessed with me
cause i mean come on this is myspace
a online website an your stalking me?
a little ol country gurl? ha what a way to go
but really truthfully
dont fxck with me
dont play mind games with me
dont use me
cause in the end
what goes around
comes around


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