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August 23, 2008


Was in my friends car with him and a friend of his who I don’t know that well. The radio in the car was broken so my friend’s friend offered to play some music from his phone. Sure, why not?


The first song he played was a country music cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”. That was fun. A novelty song, but a good time. As far as rap cover’s with a different take I prefer Dynamite Hack’s cover of Easy E’s “Boyz in da Hood”, but that is besides the point.


Next, some shit went down. He asked us if we like Van Halen. I guess I like them as much as the next guy…Panama rocks. So fine, I’m waiting for some Halen, haven’t heard them in a long time, and then what the fuck? Why Can’t This be Love or some shit, some Sammy Hagar Van Halen bullshit comes on. The man who neutered a group that kinda rocked previously in a somewhat garish David Lee Roth kind of way. I was stunned. I don’t want it to seem like I’m some kind of classic rock purist but I thought the fact that Hagar sucks was as ubiquitous as the notion that Bush is not good at presidenting.


If you prefer the Sammy led Van Halen, a little part of you is dead inside. Too far? I say not far enough.


I can drive 55, Sammy. Obey the registered speed limit or move to a different state curly.