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November 12, 2012

Who might be calling

Who was on the phone?
Joshua Proctor


This week's Walking Dead with a phone ringing and Rick picking it up. Here are some guesses about who was calling.

1. The writer from Lost looking for a job.
2. A leg salemans looking for Hershel Greene
3. A robo campaign calls for the Governor
4. The landscaping crew asking when is a good time for them to come back out to cut the grass again.
5. Someone who thought they were calling the Talking Dead
6. The Jerk Store
7. People from the Maury Show asking for him,Shane and T-Dog to come on to find out who the real dad is.
8. Kia calling to ask for more scenes with their car
9. Carl looking for phone sex
10. A collective agency calling for the hospital bill he skip out on
11. Dish customers asking for updates
12. The Lakers to see if Rick wanted to be their head coach.
13. The Situation asking if Rick is DTF
14. Someone calling a quarter after one and they are a little drunk
15. A collect call from Chris Hardwick
16. Someone wondering why Beth is still on the show and T-Dog isn't
17. Kevin Smith calling to let him know that a all-new Comic Book Men is on next!
18. A walker calling his friend back asking if there is any of the "fat whore" left to eat
19. Someone who called to hear his odd British accent
20. Roger Goodell crying and asking them to please stop ruining the ratings of the Sunday night game.

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