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Kore wa watashi no teiki-tekina rirekisho ni tenpu watashi no bunsh? no rirekisho IS Kon'nichiwa, dono y? ni rajio no tame no k?t? manga ni tsuite Watashi wa rajio o, wareware wa subete no m?fu no shita ni kakushite, watashitachi wa gussuri nemutte itabeki toki ni kiku tame ni tsukawa kiite sodatta. Kare wa kare no by?ki no ok?san no mend? o miru tame ni modotte Airurando ni ikanakereba naranakatta toki, rajio wa watashinojinsei o kaeta, geshukujin wa watashitachi ni rajio o ataeta. Jissai, kare wa subete kare no mono o nokoshi, saisho no b?to no ie o toraemashita. S?kagetsugo, kare wa watashitachi o mi ni modotte kite, watashi to watashi no ot?to wa kare no mukashi no busshurajio o motte iru koto ga dekiru to iimashita. Watashi wa rajio o kiite 20-nen o sugoshita. Sono watashi ga 8datta-shi wa gyarag? no osorete wa watashinojinsei o kae, watashi no chisei o kaizen shita. Ky? no rajio no 20-nen to kakikomi, g?kei de 45-nen no 25-nen-go, watashi wa yoi sakkadashi,-s? hokanohito o shi kami ni kanshada to omoimasu. Watashi no tsuma wa 12 to iudarouga hai, watashi wa, watashi no atama no naka de, watashi wa 20dakedo, ima 55desu. Watashi wa kanojo ga watashinochichi no heya o s?ji shite, r?jin h?mu de watashi no Shanhai no tsuma ni atta. Watashi wa sekkyokutekini b?mingamuroiyarubaree kara Ch?goku no bareedans? ni yotte ginmi sa reta, ima, watashitachi wa 2-ri no musume to kekkon shi, bairingarute iru. Watashi wa kazoku no naka de, t?kun no dansei to eigo washadesu. Ima, koko de watashi ga nani o shitai nodesuga dono y? na ikutsu ka no sanpuru, anata no rajio de watashi no pantsu/ burogu o yomu kotodearoukaradesu. Sorezore no sakuhin wa, Maikeru to 90-by? no aidea, shinpuruna aideadesuga, yaku 90-by? no naga-sa. Watashi ga okash? ue 13421 by? o kakutoku shi tari, watashi no daihachi no hon ni narimasu· butch? no tame no namida no sanpuru daiissh? no tame ni shinu shite iru. Yuiitsu senjitsu shubbansha wa sh?topantsu 300 to Not auto no watashi no hon wa hij? ni omoshiroi to itta. Jissai, watashi wa ichinen'ij? ni j?bun'na 500 no sh?topantsu o motte iru hitsuy? ga arimasu. Watashi wa subete no watashi no sh?tsu o kiroku shi hajimete iruto watashi wa amarini mo ima, atarash? maiku o motte www. Michaelgcasey. Typepad. Komu ni sorera no 125 o irete irunode, gyaku no junjo de kiku. & Http: / / Www. Spreaker. Komu/ y?z?/ michaelgcasey epis?do o kurikkushitekudasai   Watashi no 7-pon wa amazon no Kindle ni ari   Http: / / Www. Amazon. Komu/ maikeru - Casey/ e/ B 00571 G 0 YC/ ref = ntt _ athr _ dp _ pel _ pop _ 1   To Www. Michaelgcasey. Wordpress. Komu wa watashi no saitodesu. Koko ni rajio ya insatsu no tame no sanpurudesu. Hikariare ©   Maikeru· k?sh? Watashi no namida ga watashi no kotoba to suru R?soku no hikari ga watashi no me to suru Mankai no hana ga watashi no kuchibiru to suru Sono kaori ga watashi no chi to suru Kaze ga watashi no iki to suru Kumo wa watashi no kibun to suru Kodomo-tachi no waraigoe ga watashi no kib? to suru Mib?jin tameiki wa watashi no ry?shin to suru Mishiranu hito no inori ga watashi no yorokobi to suru Mitsubachi wa jibun no chie to suru Ki wa watashi no tsuyo-sa to suru Watashi no nintai wa hoshi ni t?tatsu shimashou Watashi wa tsuneni anata no inori ni oboe rarete miyou O tomari © Bai Maikeru· k?sh? O tomari wa, anata no ie ni shin'ny? shi kodomo o waratte, soshite anata no kokoro no anata o unten shite iru, anata no suimin ga owatta, to iu seikaku ni narimasu. Sate tsunenide wa naiga, sore wa hij? ni ki ga chirudesu. Anata wa nani o shite ita ka oboete ite, konpy?ta-j? de okonatte, sono fairu o motte iru tokoro wa dekimasen. Kore wa watashi ga ko no hanashi o, itte iru 2-kai-medearu riy?, nazenara watashi no Word, matawa watashi no kotoba ni ?ji, monogatari wa shinda ka to iu kotoba ga tekisetsu ni tojite inakattanode, ima wa betsu no nanika o ete iru. Anata ni mishiranu hito, matawa mishiranu hito ga ie ni t?chaku shi, shurui no yoru no tame ni sore o shinryaku. Anata wa, kaidan o nobotte sakebu watashinoheya kara sorera o tamotsu nodesu. Dewa nai anata ga nusun kachi ga nani mo motte imasuga, karera wa anata no puraibash? o nusunde iru, sore wa anata ga anata no ie no musume o motte iru baai wa, nokotte iru subete nodakara. Sonogo, manikyua no kaori ga kaidan o ori tadayou, doko demo shint? shi, ichi jisekaitaisen kara no masut?dogasu yori mo aitiesu wa waruku. Anata wa ot?san, nan anata no heya ni tsuite wa, kanzen ni subete no u~ind? o aite, kaidan o sakebu? Tokuni k?zan. Karera wa karera ga u~ind? o hiraku ni yakudatsu karera no y?jin o motte kuru y? ni, sono, anata no seiiki ga yabura rete iru koto. Karera wa anata ga 6-saidattanode, anata ga motte ita tedibea o sansh? shite, shin'ny?-sha wa warau. Kanojo wa mata, anata no beddo de fukai netsu o mite, kare wa manikyua monku. Y?shoku no jikan ni wa t?chaku shi, anata ga gensoku de, kanojo dake ga kore o tabenai ka, kanojo wa sore o tabete inai, kakk? o ky?ky? suru hitsuy? ga arimasu. Dakara anata ga, sonogo kuitomeru hitsuy? ga arudeshou, to iu. Anata no musume wa, hosuto wa, ky?fu-sa de t?roku shite, koresuter?ru o fukumanai-yu wa, chippu o tsukuru tame ni shiy? sa reru, sorera no pondokoin o oreru to furikku. Dakara, daky? ga tassei sa reru. Anata wa shiai o kansen suru tame ni sukaisup?tsu o irete, karera wa kat?ru chika sutajiamu, zanshin'na aidea o k?chiku shiyou to shite iru to iu. Anata wa, karera ga chippu o fukunda bakku t?chaku shita toki ni r?n? o mi ni ochitsuite iru. Kanojo no y?jin wa ch?do bar? o aishi, sukai?tsu ni Borishoi o motte irunode, karera wa sore o mitekudasai shite kudasai kan?sei ga arimasu. Anata wa karera no tame ni sore o kiroku surudarou to iu. Shikashi, anata mo sore o shisa suru tame no koinu no satsujin-sha to onaji kurai waruidesu. Desukara, anata ga ni-kai no rappu toppu de shiai o kansen suru tame ni k?tai shinagara, karera wa, anata no 46-inchi terebide bar? o mite mimashou sutekina ot?sandearu koto. Karera wa, omutsu o henk? suru dake de dono y? ni, kosodate no kurasu de kore ni tsuite oshiete kureta koto ga nai. Soredewa U~Iriamu to Keito ga iwa rete kitai shimashou ??. Bar? no ato, karera wa, g?r?na ongaku no tame ni ni-kai ni k?tai, anata wa rappu toppu-j? de jibun no heya de nani o shite imashita. Anata wa seiikide wa kyoka sa rete inai dake no ot?sandesu shirimasendeshita. Hitto ga onry? 13 de karera no DAB rajio de kirikae rarete, dai gamen de no nochi no shiai no hanashi o mite k?tai. Atode sono basu taimu wa,dakara, anata no mae ni tada no ot?san ni basur?mu ga osen shi, kakk? nado, anata no ie no subete no on'nanoko no tame ni 2-jikan matsushi, seiky?-sho shiharai-sha wa, hi-ge sori o motsu koto ga dekite iru. Yuiitsu no anata no saigo no kami sori wa, dareka no ashi o hozon suru tame ni shiy? sa rete imasu. Dakara, daremoga beddo ni iku, subete wa anata no tedibea o hoji shi, junch?desu, anata wa jukusui. Gozen 3-ji made wa, bansh? no sakebi wa anata, anata no tsuma to subete no neib? o kid? suru toki. Sore wa kanojo ga akumu o motsu no wa, kakk?da, soreha chippudeari, sorera kara no koresuter?ru fukumanai-yu nakereba narimasen. Matawa hanbun mezame, kanojo ga doko ni wasurete. Dakara, mina o ochitsuka suru hitsuy? ga anata no heya-gi ni ire, jikei kara rinjin ga sorera o Ranguta y? ni, keisatsu ni, doa ni kotaeru koto o omoidashite. Dakara, keisatsu ga kite, mite mimashou. Koch? wa keisatsu n?tobukku ni shirusa rete iru. Anata no mottomoch?sai musume ga anata no tedibea o watashi, futatabi ie no soto ni keisatsu o kika reru to, sono [OK] o ot?sanha, sore dake de gaihakuda.     Dono y? ni dansei no shoppudesu ka? © Maikeru· k?sh? Soko ni danjo no chigai ga ari, sore o kami ni kansha. Shikashi, dono y? ni dansei ga kaimono shimasu ka? Dansei no tame no kaimono wa, yaku anata ga hitsuy?na mono o ete iru, watashi no kutsu wa, sorera no ana o motte irunode, watashi wa o-ten ni itte,-betsu no pea o k?ny? shimasu. Otoko wa seikaku ni kutsu no kare no mukashi no tai to onajidearu atarash? kutsu o k?ny? suru ka, kare wa b?kendearu kotoda naraba, kare wa seikaku ni onajidesuga, gur? no sh?r?su to kurode wa nai ni shite iru kutsu ga arudeshou. Ima, hito ni koreha, fasshon ishiki shite iru. Otoko wa zubon no atarash? pea o nozonde irunaraba, kare wa tada no mise ni itte mite, karera wa kare no ashi/ uesuto saizu ga ari, sonogo, kare wa nando aru koto magaru, kare no pakk?ji ga shibora rete inai baai, karera wa bunkatsu shinai koto o kakunin shi, sorera o shiyou to shita baai. Otoko wa, kare ga jaketto o s?chaku suru mae ni, zubon o chekkus?tsu o hitsuy? to suru baai wa, jaketto no botan o ofu ni bakuhatsu suru kare no harazu ni okonau koto ga dekinakereba narimasen. Otoko wa botan appu kare no s?tsu no jaketto o kesshite, kare wa ima made kare ga inai baai ni wa botan ga, hisan shi,-me no naka ni dare mo hitto shinai koto o shitte iru hitsuy? ga arimasu. Otoko wa shatsu o hitsuy? to suru baai, kare wa, kubi no saizu o chekku shi, watashi no baai wa 18. 5, Sonogo, kare ga moshi, sono kanzen fitto ka mite iru. Sorekara kare wa, subete no purasuchikku-sei de mattaku onaji 5 shatsu o k?ny? shite iru. Taidana kaimono kyaku no tame ni kare wa Slaters ni chokk? shi, kare ga nozonde iru mono o teniirerudeshou. In to subete no tame no 30-funkan de no de. Sorekara kare wa, pabu ni iku to kare no nakama ni ai, 1 painto amarini mo ?ku o motte ori, ku?nzu izakaya de kare no subete no o kaimono o nokoshite okimasu. Saiwaina koto ni, karera wa soko ni sh?jikideari, kare no o kaimono ga hozon sa re,-s?denakereba kare ga modotte pabu ni iku mae ni, Slaters de 30-bu o mudanisuru hitsuy? ga arimasu. Kore wa kihontekini dansei to josei no chigaidearu. Josei no mise, dansei wa ?d?pikk? no y?na fuku matawa nani o hirou nin'i no j?netsu nashi ni, okonaimasu. Otoko ga ie ni shutoku shi, hanarete kare no kaimono ni oki, sore ni tsuite wasurete. Karera wa subete sorotte irunode, ch?do otoko no w?dor?bu wa, s?tsu subete onaji-iro ga fukuma rete iru firumu furai no y? ni,-fuku dake no monodearu. S de betsu no nanika o shoppingu josei ni tsuite wa, ifuku o shichaku suru hitsuy? ga ari, karera wa josei ga kanpeki ni mieru y? ni suru hitsuy? ga ari, kanojo no o shiri ya oppai ga ?k? ka ch?sa ni atte wa naranai, subete ga migidenakereba narimasen. Josei wa, kanojo wa kanojo to issho ni 2 matawa 3 nakama ya jibun no kodomo-tachi o motarasu kanojo no fuku o eranda no ni yakudachimasu. Kanojo no otoko wa, amarini mo kuru koto o yoginaku-sa ga, kare wa kare no mimi ni Radio 5 raibu puragu, kanojo ga erande irunagara sakk? ni mimi o katamukete iru. Dansei wa 5-shoku o, shitte iru, aka, ao, aka, midori, kiiro matawa tabun 1 matawa 2 ij?, josei no tame no y? ni ari, sukunakutomo 50-shoku ga ari, esukim? wa, josei ga kakushoku-goto ni 10 no kotoba o motte iru yuki no tame no 30 no kotoba o motte iru no to d?y? ni To sono hews. Kono y?kan'na otoko, matawa watashi wa orokada, watashi wa ch?do watashi no tsuma no debittok?do o teiky? shi, anshin shite watashi o nokoshi iu node, kanojo wa kanojo to on'nanoko to egao de sh?t? shi, karera wa kekkyoku wakai fasshonisutadearu. Watashi wa nani no tsuma ga hitsuy?na koto wa watashi no tokei de ittei rukkusu o kaimono shite inai tame ni sup?sudeshi toshimae ni kimeta. Dakara, kanojo ga nani o suru kada to kanojo no fukuranda no w?dor?bu wa, watashi no kettei no chie o sh?gen shimasu. Josei wa mikkusu to matchi no sono 2-jikan ga atarash? fuku ga furugi to itchi shite iru koto o kakunin suru tame ni ie ni kuru toki, otto wa terebi de ?kina shiai o kansen shiyou to shimasuga, kare no tsuma wa `n , watashi no o shiri no sh?' o motome, ribingur?mu no mawari ni hanete iru Oyobi samazamana ta no shitsumon. Sore wa batsudashi, anata no zaseki no hashi ni suwatte, tsuma ga hy?ji sa re, burokkuby? de t?roku shite, anata no soba ni oiyara reta riy? o mite ketsuj?. Ie made,-koku j?ge ni okeru futs?noseikatsu. Anata ga anshin shite futatabi shiai o kansen yokujitsu, anata wa sukai + de sore o kiroku suru tame ni kioku sa re, tsuma no tame to shite, kanojo wa sore ga kanojo no kutsu to itchi shite inainode, kanojo ga kattamono o 2-bun'no 1 o kaesu y? ni modotte mise ni itte shimatta. Kanojo wa yasui £ 100 no kutsu o kau koto ga dekiru node, anata wa futatabi kanojo o anata no debittok?do o ataenainode, sore wa anata no seidesu. Subete no mono akaruku utsukush? ©   Maikeru· k?sh?   Watashi wa shibarakunoaida, hi itami no bubun o kaite inainode, watashi wa tameshite mite, wasureru koto no itami o shi, nanika atarash? mono o kakimasu. Watashitachi wa ch?do hanbun no jikan no ky?ka o motte itashi, karera wa sore o yobidasu y? ni watashi no on'nanoko wa `shoppu no on'nanoko' o ens? shite kita. Karera mo, `?pun' matawa `heisa' to i~tsu te jibun no shinshitsu no doasain'on o motte iru. Karera wa watashi no tsuma no fuku o nusumi, ni-kai ni tsuite haneru. Watashitachi no ch?jo wa, kanojo ga koreij? watashi no tsuma no kutsu o nusumu koto ga dekinai y? ni, watashi no tsuma wa ima dewa sore wa ky?sai no mono yori ?kina ashi o motte imasuga, soreha ok?san no kutsu o mi ni tsukete irukara kanojo no im?to o fusegu koto wa dekimasen. Gin no supank?ru-tsuki ber?-b? no mondaide mo ari, sore wa zettai-tekina fasshon zettai hitsuy?desu. Watashi wa, watashi wa ie no naka de 3 on'nanoko wa, watashi ga karera ni kuppuku shite iru baai, karera wa sore ga watashi no shiru kagiri iku y?desunode, watashi wa, kikai ni pinku o chakuy? shinai watashi no me no mayu o b?dingu sa reru to omoi, j?bundesu, zenzen osharena nai yo. Watashi wa hoka no mono o tameshite mita, tabun 3-seki rait?dattara, watashi wa kottontor?d? 48 R de sutekina k?do no jaketto o mita, soreha, aoi kawasemibur?, watashi on'nanoko wa `pierojaketto' to yonde akarukatta. Sono y? na hagemashi de watashi ga nani o subeki ka o nda? Watashi wa, y?romirion o kakutoku shita baai, watashi wa jaketto o k?ny? suru to itta. Kanojo ga joseidearu y? ni, dansei wa iro o shinai, yori seikakuna iro no namae ga arudeshouga, watashi no tsuma wa, sutekina akarui chairo no izureka o motte imasu. Anata wa iro no tame no sukunakutomo betsu no 40-mei wa, sore o, sono kuro to shiro, ao, midori, kagiri, dansei ga iku y? ni, orenji-iro ga, joseida to omoimasu. Y?jin ga itte ita ka no y? ni t?ku ni watashi no kami ga iku y? ni, sono gin wa, watashi wa shiroi kami no r?jindatta. Watashitachi no kami no henka o iro to shite, soreha ningen no 7-saidesu. Watashi wa, naze sore ga `Whitemail" no kawari ni ky?hakude wa nakatta to i~tsu te ari o oboete iru. Wareware wa kenk? o motte iru baai, watashi wa pinku de jibun nari ni wa nagai pinkudearu. Wareware wa, wareware wa kigy? akaunto o jikk? suruto aka de, wareware wa shirub?rainingu o sagashimase kuroji ni naru negatte iu. Uta ga iku y? ni watashitachiha niji o sagasu no gaikan o mite, wareware wa subete no watashitachi no toraburu ga owatte mo,-kin no tsubo o mitsukeru koto ga, wareware wa furui kitto no fukuro ni sorera o pakku suru koto ga dekimasu. Watashitachi no naka no kib? bane appu, sore wa kekkyoku, ima no harudeari, chansu to shite niwashi wa itta `haru no seich? ga arudeshou. " Ch?zu to choriso © Maikeru· k?sh?   On'nanoko ni tsuite no koto wa, karera wa anata ga karera ga subarashiku, amai kaorida to omoi, jibun no mono o nusumu ga,-s?denai to iu kotodesu. Karera wa anata no mae ni okita baai, sorera wa, reiz?ko no anata no soba o sh?geki shite, ch?zu ya choriso o taberu yo. T?sutoch?zu to choris? wa, shitagaubeki hottochokor?to de, kore wa anata no musume wa anata o dono y? ni atsukau kadearu. Kore wa watashi no on'nanoko ga watashi o dono y? ni atsukau kadearu. Kin? haha ga bisuketto o katte, kanojo wa sorera o ky?y? suru nodesu ka? NO. On'nanoko wa ikutsu ka o etaga, watashi wa nani o motte imasen. Karera wa watashi ga hont?ni sukinamono, anata ga hont?ni sukina no wa, tsuneni monodeshita. Watashi wa ? ha· songu ga, nanto onajiy?ni, hai to r? ni mieta. Watashi wa bisuketto, Tunnock no mono o sagashite t?k? suru hashira kara okonatta to shite, JJ wa, tsuma wa watashi dake de waratta. Kore wa watashinojinsei de 3 on'nanoko ga watashi o dono y? ni atsukau ka ga wakari, watashi wa biscuitlessdesu. Bisuketto wa, aratana kakure bashodatta tokoro, saish?tekini hij? ni ch?sh? shita nochi, watashi no ch?sana musume wa watashi ga sorera o mitsukeru koto ga dekinakatta riy?da to, watashi ni shimeshita. Dakara watashi wa, watashi wa watashi no poketto ni bisuketto o sen'ny? shi, anshin shite taberu koto o hanarete subette, sh?ri shita. Kutsu wa ?kina mononanode, watashitachi no ch?sana musume ga ok?san no tachiba ni ienomawari o aruku, watashi no mono wa totemo arigatai karera ga hitori de nokotte ?ki sugiru. Shikashi monogoto o h?sei shi, tsukuru tame no gakk? kara k?s? no tangodearu tekisutairu ga sukina 2-ri no musume o motsu. Karera wa, anata no fuku wa anzende wanai tekisutairu no y?na baai, karera wa, w?dor?bu no soto ni shatsu ya 2 o doraggu shite, karera ga nanika ni sore o mawasu tame ni shitai to iu. Janpa wa, karera ga doresu ya sae handobaggu o tsukuru tame ni sorera o herasu koto ga deki, dochira ka anzende wa arimasen. Soshite hari ni kanshite wa, soreha kazoku, kiken ni sarasa rete yam?rashi o motte iru y?na monodesu. Anata dakede wa, hari matawa 2 ni suwatta nochi ni, tsuma ga ch?do sono jiy? hari, watashitachi no h?mon o shiharau koto o hakase wa ebisu o kiku to, wa i, kare wa hont?ni hakase ebisu naku, hakase wa dare ga, hakase ebisu aru hitsuy? wa iu koto o jitsugen shimasu. Genzai, watashitachi no 11 year ?rudo wa ok?san to onaji ?ki-sa, 5 f?to se ga takai koto o, kanojo wa kanojo no fuku o kitaiga, anata wa Shanhai no on'nanoko ga kite iru fuku no shurui o s?z? suru koto ga dekimasu. Dakara Ch?goku de, watashi wa kotoba o rikaidekinai giron ga aru ga, SANINGONGA wa kanari hinpan ni mu o imi suru oto ga suru. Mata, watashi no on'nanoko o imi suru, watashitachi no on'nanoko wa futatabi watashi no w?dor?bu kara nusumu tame ni modorimasu. Y? ni shite, ga o motte iru y?na monodesuga, sonokawarini anata no fuku no ana no tame, zentai no k?moku ga ch?do kieru. Shikashi, sore wa amarini mo tada no on'nanoko, sono ok?sande wa naiga, kanojo wa fasshon keisatsu wa kono k?moku matawa sono k?moku o konomanaidarou to handan shimasunode, hy?ji sa renaku narimasu. Toki ni watashi ga dete mitsukeru nodesu ka? Watashi wa charit?shoppu o sugite aruku to, u~ind?-nai ni 10-ton saizu no aitemu ga hy?ji sa reru made zettai ni, matawa hobo kesshite, sore wa watashi no fukumasen. Anata no senaka ni fuku o iji shitai nodeareba, musume o motteinai. Anata wa reiz?ko no anata no soba de anata no sukinatabemono wa anzen shitai baai wa, reiz?ko no izure mo Ch?goku-gawa wa, sonogo, musume o motteinai. Anata no pen? o hozon suru baai wa, Shanhai no tsuma o motte imasen. Shikashi, sonogo no jinsei wa anata ga suwaru mae ni mieru koto o kakunin shi, taikutsudarou. A wa, burokku sa reta shinku © ni tsuchi nabig?shonb? kara A kara B e no   Maikeru· k?sh?   Sate watashi wa anata ga subete no kesa bakkindesu negatte imasu. Watashitachi no tame ni tsuchi nabig?shonb? no giron ga keizoku sa remasu. Kuro takush? wa atosu o shiy? shite miru koto ga naidearou mukashi wa, sore wa kare no igen no shita ni atta. Kare wa chishiki o shitai, sore ga subete soko made kare no atama ni atta. Jakku Rozenthal, sore ga 30-nen maedatta, sore ni tsuite no subarash? pur? o kaita? M?r?nrippuman wa kare no hont? no tsumadatta.   Hais? doraib? ga motte irushi, karera ga shiyou to suruto yoi sokutei no tame no hige no 5-kakan no z?shoku de, tansu o o todoke shinagara, katate de no tamago to b?kon no aib? wa, sono ipp? de atosu no ue de tamago o tekika.   Basu no untenshu wa, sono r?to o shitte irunode, karera wa sore ni kanry? shitara shibaraku sono karera ga nani o shite iru ka o shitte, jid?. Karera ga shinakereba naranai no wa, kodomo-tachi ga 3-nichi yowai no chiketto o shiy? shiyou to, basu-j? no subete no taima kara takaku nari suginaide gaman sa rete iru. Sore wa kimy?na h?k? ni michibiku koto ga dekiru node, karera wa r?to o kirikaeta toki, matawa oboete iru.   Bakku doa ni TAT TAT de no rappu to no subete no sorera no toshimae ni, doa no s?rusuman o shi, watashi wa bakuzento watashitachi no bakku doa de 1 o omoidasu koto ga dekimasu inchi no sanpuru de s?tsuk?su o hakonde, sono r?to wa, watashinohaha ga y?fuku burashi o katta no ita tobira? Shikashi, sore wa 45-nen maedearu hitsuy? ga arimasu. Sokode, kihontekini watashitachi wa mina, wareware ga nozomu mono o shitte iruto wareware wa iku tokoro. Sarani sakanobotte, karera wa, hitobito ga yuiitsu no jibun no ienomawari no 6 burokku no hankei o shitteita to iu. Terebi yori j?y?na no wa, musen o yatta to shite sens? ni iku koto wa subete no koto o henk? shimashita. Sono yuiitsu no m?chantosh?man mae no sekai ni watashitachi no medearu koto terebi wa, sekai o shitteita. Watashi jishin no sofu wa sh?nin no umi no otokodatta, watashi wa tokidoki fushigi to kare wa ima made ni Shanhai ni teniireta Matawa sore wa, saisho ni soko ni tsuita kare no mago kureta. Kare wa 19 th/ 20 th seiki 100 iy?zu no kawarime ni, yori mae ni h?mon shita.   Sono ura tsuchi nabig?shonb? ni watashitachi o motarashimasu. Watashi wa watashi ga hanarete basu de tonari ni suwa~tsu potto heddo kara daij?budesu basu o shiy? shi, watashi ga yaritai koto wa Gerodesu. Watashi no tsuma wa,-sha no untenshudearunode, kanojo to watashitachi no on'nanoko ga kuruma o aishiteimasu. Shikashi, watashi no tsuma wa tsuchi NAV o karite, dakara ima, kanojo wa kanojo jishin no 1 o nozonde iru koto no tayasu-sa ga sukimashita. Sono kekka, watashi wa 1 o teiky? suru tame ni nagged re teru to iu kotodesu. Watashi ga shiharau naze anata wa anata jishin o shiharau shiharau, watashi ga shiharau h?h? o shiharawanai anata ga, ottodearunode, anata ga, , hai anata ga shiharau, watashi ga harau, shiharau, watashi wa iu. Soshite pinpondasshu de, uta ga iku utau. Sono tanosh? bubundesu. Watashi wa watashi no nai ky?ry?, watashi ga iu no konpy?ta o shiy? shite imasu. Anata wa, anata ga shinakereba naranai subete wa watashitachi no purinta wa, mada wareware wa sore o yatte iru hazuda shigoto o shite ita baai ni wa, sorera o ofu ni insatsu shite iru konpy?ta kara kanzen'na shiji o eru koto ga dekimasu. Dakara, hont?ni tsuma ga kankei shite iru subete eigo de, sorera o kop?desu.   Watashi wa anata ni hanasu y? ni, kanojo wa kanojo ga ima kiken ni sarasa' S, ch?kanabe de isogash?desuga, kanojo wa watashi ga hanbun o shiharau koto o nozonde iru. Dakara watashi wa, watashi wa zero o shiharaudarou to, kanojo wa 100 p?sento o shiharau koto ga dekiru, watashi wa nij? ni kandaidearu to watashi wa shiharau koto wa arimasen shea o baiz? shimasu to iu. Sore wa k?sh? no shin no seishinda, ima watashi wa kanojo ga shinku o burokku sa re, kaiketsu suru tame ni betsu no mono o motte irunode, watashi wa omoiki~tsu to shite ima watashi o yurushi, to iu yori shinku ni puranj? o toru, soko ni tsuchi nabig?shonb? o shiy? suru hitsuy? wa arimasen, Sono tonari no heya ni aru watashi no kata no ue ni, ch?do terebi de sasetsu shi, kih? no oto ni chokushin. Ai wa sore o mitsuke, doko ni hy?ji shite imasuga, sore o shiranai de, nan tsuchi NAV wa hitsuy? arimasen. Janku ga sore o shutoku shite inai baai wa, kore o yonde kurete arigat?, sorehadesu. Watashi wa watashinojinsei ni haitta chikaku ni naku hamaki nando mo kite irunode, watashi wa anata o tameshite miru koto ni shimashita. Watashi wa jiman suru koto ga dekireba, rajio wa watashi no kotoba no tame no baitaideari, Maikeru to no 90-by? wa, zenkoku-teki ni iku koto ga dekiru, soreha, idaina kotoba de, watashi no mono no tanjun'na aideadesu. Watashi wa sudeni watashi no 500 + sh?tsu no 100 o kiroku shi, karera wa watashi ga ima, atarash? maiku o haved gyaku no junjo de kiku www. Michaelgcasey. Typepad. Komu de kiku koto ga dekiru. Cherio, Maikeru· k?sh? E m?ru michaelgcasey@ hottom?ru. Komu   Www. Michaelgcasey. Wordpress. Komu Www. Michaelgcasey. Typepad. Komu 127-wa o kiite Http: / / Www. Amazon. Co. Uk/ maikeru - Casey/ e/ B 00571 G 0 YC/ ref = ntt _ athr _ dp _ pel _ 1 P. S. Gozonji no y? ni watashi no daiichihon wa butch?za· beik? to and?teik? to yoba re, sore wa subarash? shiriaru ni narudarou, ch?ruzu· dikenzu no daiichi wa, shinbun ni keisai sa remashita.


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