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September 28, 2015

Jessica Biel, Whitney Cummings and Joy Bryant join Womens Care Global to talk about how to improve common birth control methods.

Women’s health can be a taboo subject, even amongst women. When Jessica Biel was having her first baby, she realized just how little she knew about birth control and pregnancy — and she’s not alone. To bring contraceptive talk to a wider audience, Biel teamed up with Saundra Pelletier of WomanCare Global, and with the help of comedienne Whitney Cummings and actress Joy Bryant, created a series of hilarious videos that take on the most prominent taboos and misconceptions about … well, conception.

In their premiere segment, Jessica, Whitney, and Joy talk about the non-joys of using condoms.

Wait, what happens to loose condoms again?

But they couldn’t have gone too far, right?

Of course, the ladies also cover the grand-daddy, or better yet, grand-mommy of them all: The Pill.

Seriously, who wants to swallow a pill everyday?

But if you must, good form is important.

And no conversation about contraception would be complete without talking about IUDs.

When it comes to IUDs, every woman has her own origin story.

But in the end, that’s what this series is all about: women talking about what they know, what they don’t know, and what they don’t know they don’t know about their bodies. Also super vaginas.

Check out the full videos and get the real facts at womancareglobal.org.