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July 13, 2009


Git-R-Done! Before I get into my update let me real quick comment on the snuggie they sell on TV. Let me think of a nice way to put this.. If you’re to stupid to operate a blanket, then you deserve to be cold. And about Shamwow… You gotta give them credit. At least they got the balls to put “sham” right in the name! And if you think Shamwow can soak up a lot of liquid, you oughta spend a weekend with Ron White!

Here’s something goofy. I went to a Mexican restaurant that was having a promotion called, “Endless Enchiladas”. They weren’t kidding, it’s been 2 weeks since I ate ‘em and it hasn’t ended yet! I took a poop the other day that was worth 14 electoral votes!

I went to another restaurant with my wife and the waiter was wearing a WWJD bracelet. I go to thinkin’ What would Jesus do? He probably would have brought out the appetizer before the main course and not forgotten my side of ranch!!!!

My buddy Ray is dating the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen. She came over the other day and the dog humped her leg with it’s eyes closed! True story! OK let’s update!!!!!
Wow! What a weekend! The Comedy Central taping went off without a hitch at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln and I wanna thank the 50 thousand plus that showed up to see me. I also wanna thank the Athletic Department and everyone else involved that allowed me the opportunity to be the first comic to film a special in the stadium. I haven’t been this excited since I saw my cousin Tina’s tits when she dove for a whiffle ball wearing a halter top at the family reunion in ‘84. Where were these folks when “Witless Protection” came out? I could be writing my Oscar speech right now. (Yeah right!) It was really an awesome night though and I can’t thank my fans enough for their attendance.

You can get the digital download of the entire show right here on my web site for $10 (live.larrythecableguy.com/). The actual CD “TAILGATE PARTY” will be out in September. The DVD version will be out after Comedy Central airs the show in January. I think this show that I have toured with in the past year and a half with is my all time favorites. It’s packed with tons of the one liner style y’all expect from me and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  If the reaction from the crowd at the stadium is any indication then it’s a good one!

And by the way, you may have heard I formed an air guitar band last year. You see, I’ve been filming this mockumentry about the world’s greatest air guitar band; and since we were caught up in the moment (the crowd, the stadium concert speakers and all), we decided we’d do something different. So me and my air guitar bandmates closed the show with a couple of songs and the crowd really got into it!!  This footage is gonna be crazy!!

Again, thanks to all my fans in Nebraska for coming to the show and being part of a record breaking night. You are the best!!!
Don’t forget to watch me on Are Smarter Than A 5th Grader on July 10. I can’t say how I did, but let’s just say I’m smarter than a… OK, I cant say what grade. Also, I’m about to go film my Christmas special in Nashville at the end of the month for CMT. This is my third one and I’m excited to do it once again. This year’s will be awesome and if your in the area come check it out. We’ll post later the details and when you can come see it live.
Well that’s it for now. Thanks for all the support and remember this country is still full of great people so turn off the news and enjoy the day as much as possible.

PS… If a kid is late to special ed is it proper for the teacher to call him “tardy”? Huh! Just a thought! I love all y’all!
Larry The Cable Guy