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December 02, 2009


After long and complete dedicated thinking. I have come to the decission to  clean up my comedy a little bit. I  have decided that I use way too much fucking profanitys in my shit. The vulgar nature of my bitch whore style of motherfucking around isn't sutible to all the viewers that may stumble across my videos. I especially want to curb my jokes concerning the cock suckers and vagi-lesbo carpet munchers. I think that any brown pounder or dildo wrangler that watched some of my videos would be more offended than some of the self-rightious mommy haters that it is often ass injected deep throat cough intended. I promise you (my faithfull viewers.) That I have rellied far to much on the slut reel to drive home my punch lines like a donky dick in a chickens ass. And tommorow it stops. I promise that after i hit the publish button on this blog, that I will only post clean funny comedy that is safe for all audiences. Not the Porpus pussy'd, maggot ass'd, vile tounge, nun fucking crap  that I have done in the past.
I want to be more Dave Thomas and less Coloniel Sanders. Thanks for letting me pick the corn out of my shit and from this moment on The vulgarity stops.  Shit I spilled my fucking pepsi, Jesus fucking Christ , Mother fucker.AMEN.