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January 09, 2013

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Love - is an art. And sometimes it takes years before we mastered this art and are able to not only accept, but to give love. Declarations of love are not always made in words. Occasionally it is objects that can convey our feelings. Objects, symbolizing our enthusiasm, our commitment, our thirst for intimacy. Works of modern art is precisely those subjects fascinating and unexpected gifts to us. This is a reminder that beauty will save our increasingly pragmatic, tough and rational world. As you know, the artist's day twists novels with paints, brushes, easel. They enthusiastically share with paper and canvas their most secret thoughts, dreams and fantasies. And the distance that the artist works from conception to implementation, such as heavy and unpredictable as a man in love with a woman or a woman to a man. And you never know in advance what will come of it, and whether it is as perfect as the first date, first kiss, the first child...
In loving aspirations, together Silivonchik Anna and Basil Peshkun eve of Valentine joined beautiful yin and yang in the project "The state of weightlessness." For the first time a husband and wife, dissimilar in body and spirit, unlike in the painting style and artistic approaches, united in a series of collaborative works.
Ostensibly body lovers entwined on canvas landscape painting of a conservative V. Peshkun and dreamy decorative painting G. Silivonchik. Works made as a combination of printing on canvas and painting with acrylic and oil painting.
The presentation began cabaret band "Silver Wedding" with songs from the new album, "The heart muscle." From the mouth of vocalist Ben flew Svetlana little stories about the eternal and material, of the "heart of man - always fragile, but surprisingly strong, full of memories and cherished desperate hope for a miracle."
Then their life experiences shared love Anna and Basil. In the eyes of the audience, they performed a few illustrations consequences of love. And in the course of the recital of a master class in painting Valentines. The authors themselves engaged in drawing love symbol on the bodies of everyone.
Anna Silivonchik see love ambiguous: "Shallow Hal, fall in love with a goat, love well, fall in love with Beaver" - quoted the artist, and then told me that love is in the colors of it, on the one hand, red and sweet, and the other - green and salty.
TV TUT.BY led live broadcast discovery. And the employees, the company chose to live sound.