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September 09, 2014

Why so many women are getting a massage over the phone by King Christopher.

Women Pay Big Bucks for Massage by Phone

by King Christopher

Women are paying big money to get a massage over the phone from King Christopher. Women who get a massage over the phone by King, say that it’s their form of phone sex and the sex is great! So how does it work if you’re a woman and you want to get a phone massage?

1. Contact King on his website and email the secret word.

2. Set a good time for your phone massage.

3. Prepare a comfortable space for your massage. Bed, couch ect…

4. Dim the lights and put on soft music.

5. Put on your sexiest lingerie or go nude.

Some Women claim this is better than the real thing because they have more pleasure from the fantasy and they like the idea of not having to deal with a man in person. Are you a woman who would get a massage by phone?