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July 13, 2010


So, the internet is all ablaze with recordings of Mel Gibson absolutely losing his shit on his new baby momma, and saying all kinds of racist, derogatory and insane things.   Sounds to anyone who's grown up around alcoholics like it be the drink talkin'. 
It's so sad that someone who's sitting his ass on a couple of hundred million dollars has decided to start declaring what's "his" and is stomping his feet and screaming like a four year old about what  "my money pays for"...well, Mr. Mel, you get what you pay for. 
You paid for this.  All of this.  By yourself.
My mother always said "Sleep with horses, smell like horses."  And, it's true. 
If there's this paper trail of extortion attempts and all of this money grubbing from the she devil...I have a question for you : What did you expect?
This person hooked up with you and got impregnated by you when you were still married to your wife of 20 some odd years.  You say you broke off with your wife because you didn't have a "spiritual bond"?  Really?  What kind of "spiritual bond" was lacking when you made six or seven babies together?  I don't even remember how many you had.  You don't seem to remember that you have children to protect, that you created and brought into the world and now have no problem embarrassing.  What's the logic?  They got to reap the benefit of having the sexiest man alive for a father all those years, so they can just shut the fuck up and bear the fallout now?
Watch you make an ass out of yourself?  Listen to you pile your internal contempt onto the latest mother of one of your children?  Think she's the problem?  Think she should just get on her knees and blow you on command because that's what a loving woman would do?  That's what someone who WASN'T a filthy whore would do?  You're big money is paying for it all right?  She's just ungrateful.
Oksana has a point, if she WAS this whore, then there wouldn't be a problem, right?  The rules would be understood.  Instead, what you really want is YOUR NEEDS and YOUR MONEY to call the shots, uncontested, but something tells me from what I've heard that it wouldn't be enough.
You don't want Oksana and you don't care about the money, it's about your NEED.  You had everything, E V E R Y T H I N G for so long and it always went your way and you could afford to be self depricating and you could afford to walk along the street tossing hundred dollar bills because EVERYONE LOVES MEL.  EVERYONE.  What's not to love?  So FUNNY!  So Devilish!  So Handsome!  It was so EASY and everyone wanted a piece of that, but now you resemble to me Jack Nicholson's character in the Witches of Eastwick screaming about how he wants someone to pay attention to him, for a change (which is so funny because he had 3 gorgeous women do nothing but pay attention to him for weeks), and wants people to take care of him.
You've been taken care of Mr. Mel.  Swept up in a circus, and you did a lot of the typical Hollywood husband stuff, but you had your wife to ground you, to know you and your children to look up and to love you.   You started reaching for something more because you weren't satisfied and it would seem like you became a cursed Pirate on the Black Pearl where food turns to ash in your mouth and your greed, insatiable and lusty, amounts to nothing you can truly taste or feel.
I hear it in your voice.  I hear the anger and the drunken stupid, but I also hear your pain and your frustration and I could feel for you if you wanted to be a better man.  But, you want the world to change it's persception of you, you don't want to change.
Confuscious says that " it is much easier to wear slippers than it is to carpet the world", and there's much truth in that. 
If you were a better man, there wouldn't be any tapes.
If you could manage your pain, the drink wouldn't be speaking for you.
If you wanted to feel truly loved, you'd believe in your love for someone else. 
You can't just dominate someone until you get the reaction you crave.  Tell someone not to hang up you, not to DARE to hang up on you because you have decided raving is what THEY deserve for what?  For being in your company?  You've notice that it's not as esteemed a position as it once was, right? 
It doesn't benefit Oksana to leak the tapes because if it hurts your bottom line, it affects hers as well.  Think she wanted to become famous for being your punching bag?  Think she was craving that label?  Your stock plummets and so does hers, I'm sure she wanted some leverage to get a home for herself and for yours and her daughter and to have some distance from your dark side, and if that's your "paper trail of extortion", you should really think about that.
Think about what she asked for compared to what you have, and think about the world the three of you live in, is it THAT unreasonable that it merits the abuse you've hurled?
If you're thinking about the baby and her well being...doesn't that include you being well? 
You might have gone from top of the world to the bottom of a boot, but you had a hand in that. You need your character and your sense of fun to perservere, not your rage. 
Nobody expects you to make a come back.  They really don't and you've been labelled, after the career you had, it's a tragedy. 
You're life isn't going to go backwards and you're not going to reclaim what you had, because you have to stop thinking of yourself as a global commodity and be a human being for a while.
My advice, as a woman in the real world, is to wake up in the morning thankful for what you have.  Work on repairing one on one relationships, especially the one with that guy in the mirror.  Find your smile and remember that you're responsible NOT FOR, but TO the people you've brought into this world.  Cherish them a little bit and forgive them for not knowing what to say or do to give you what you need.  The excess of your life has given you a distorted idea of how you should be treated.  Maybe part of you sought to be crucified because you feel guilty for how easy everything has come to you, you wanted to be persecuted, you seem to have craved it or you wouldn't have been so determined to expose yourself.  Think of the people you've surrounded yourself with of late...are they truly a reflection of who you are?
People will help you, when you help yourself first.
That's all the unsolicited advice I have for the day.