This week, several online merchants including Wal-Mart and Sears pulled products from their websites that featured the Confederate flag. However, the online auction site eBay, while it very publicly announced that it was ALSO pulling all rebel flag merchandise, still offers several other items infinitely more racist than the Ol’ Stars and Bars.


Incredibly Racist Salt Shakers

Sambo Shakers.jpg

You know what’s even more racist than the Confederate flag? How ‘bout the most racist ceramic items you’ve ever seen? Yep, you can still get these beauts on eBay, no problem.

Holy Shit, A Ku Klux Klan Knife

KKK Knife 1.jpg
KKK Knife 2.jpg

The problem with the Confederate flag is that you can’t really use it to actually stab any minorities to death. This KKK pocket knife, also available on eBay, takes care of that problem.

NOTE: The good folks at Case did not manufacture the decals on this pocketknife. Some sort of racist nutjob added his or her own KKK iconography onto this. That’s right, a racist knife enthusiast customized this pocketknife, and now evidently wants to sell their custom knife art on eBay.

Paula Deen 15-Piece Cookware Set

Paula Deen.jpg

Given the shameful racial history and ideology this cookware set represents in regard to the mistreatment of black people, eBay should remove it right along with the rebel flag.

Nazi Hat Pin

hat pin.jpg

There is so much Nazi memorabilia on eBay that it was difficult to choose just one item to represent it all. But among the hundreds of other swastika-emblazoned collectibles available to burgeoning race warriors, this hat pin stuck out. Its unassuming, quotidian nature drives home how deeply the hateful ideology of the Nazis permeated every aspect of German life during Hitler’s murderous reign.

So get bidding, racists! This one’s gonna go quick!

Anti-Semitic Postcard

Anti-Semite 1.jpg

“Anti-Semitic Postcards” is another revolting category just overflowing with merchandise. Here’s one of the more “a little too on the nose” examples (racist pun NOT AT ALL INTENDED).

Confusing Anti-Semitic Postcard

Anti-Semite 2.jpg

Your guess is as good as ours as to what the fuck this could possibly mean. It’s clearly very racist toward both Jews and the Chinese, but to what end, specifically, is a complete mystery to us. Is there some old offensive idiom we’re not aware of, like “worse than a Chinese bris” or something?

Clearly Racist “Chinaman” Wall Hanging

Chinaman Wall Hanging.jpg

Here we go—now that’s some good, solid, straight-ahead racism that everyone can understand.

‘I Hate My Wife’ Sweatshirt

I Hate My Wife.jpg

While certainly sexist and misogynistic, these sweatshirts aren’t racist—they allow for the hating of one’s wife, regardless of ethnicity. They do however bring up a lot of questions about the type of pathologically passive-aggressive person who would buy and/or wear this item.

Also, around the office, we are seriously considering buying a box of them and starting a company softball team.