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August 07, 2010

i thought this was funny

So i work at a womens shoe store ( shut up you don't know how bad it is).
well i was working one night and i was walking around the store and i hear this:

"exscuse me sir"- lady looking at snow boots

"yea how can i help you?"- mr. awesome sauce- me

she has her kid next to her and he opens his shoe box

"Theres only one shoe in here"- same lady

so i look in and what do you know only one shoe... shocker... 
at this time a few things ran through my mind, i could say

" oh looks like we have to cut the other one off"

"yea that shoe is $40 the other one is also $40"

just point and laugh

no but im the good employee, i look at here like shes an idiot and say

"yea thats the display shoe! ! ! "

so i take the box from the kid walk over to the where the shoe is, and the kid is following me watching every move i make like im creating the cure to cancer 

i put the display shoe in the box hand it to him with the biggest grin of " wow kid your f@#&ing dumb" and just say " here you go ! ! !" 

now i know selling shoes isn't that hard, but really.... really you dont know what a display shoe is...