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May 28, 2009


Well since this seems to be the one spot on FoD promoting artistic endeavors other than just comedy, I figured I'd post a blog about a few of my editing projects I think you'll enjoy.

The videos were at one time or another available on popular streaming sites a la YouTube, but thanks to the recent crackdown on copyrighted content, it's no longer that easy (or in most cases, even possible) to post videos like these.

Check out my site www.AndrewFilms.com and visit the "Video Essays" section. Since it's a lower-key site, it's probably one of the only places on the web where they can be observed.

Original movie mixtapes from a one-time film studio intern, including "The Departed", "American Psycho", and more .... plus insights on bands you may or may not already worship, including Faith No More, Type O Negative, Fear Factory, and others.

Stop on by...

- Andrew Laurenson