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By King Christopher (radio show host)

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March 11, 2013

How do you save a sexless marriage? Four easy steps to help save your sex life and possibly your marriage. By King Christopher (radio show host)

How To Save A Sexless Marriage

By King Christopher



It seems to be a common complaint among married men that once you get married your sex life is over and in most cases it's the truth! I think this is the reason married men end up cheating, going to strip clubs and seeking attention elsewhere. I am also finding out that more and more married men are signing up on dating websites. It looks like now, married people are more in the market for meeting someone than single people. It's easy to blame men, call them pigs for still wanting women but consider that he could be in a sexless marriage?


Sexless marriage happens mostly because women get bored too easily in a relationship. So here is a easy 4 step remedy for SMS (sexless marriage syndrome).



Step 1: Have your wife meet you at a bar and she's going to play the role of a classy hooker.


Step 2: You proposition her to come back to your place or a hotel.


Step 3: Discuss what she's going to do and how much it's going to cost you.


Step 4: This part is important because YES the wife actually keeps the money. King Christopher research shows that when women get paid cash for being sexy, it makes them feel sexier and when women feel sexy...they get horny!



Paying your wife cash for sex might sound taboo. But countless women I have interviewed on my radio show even admit they need incentive to get in the mood. Giving women something for the hope of sex is everywhere. Jewelry commercials where the guy buys the right diamond, sitcoms where the guy takes his wife to an expensive restaurant. Men only do all this stuff so the woman will be happy and end up having sex with him at the end of the night, so why not spice it up and make it interesting?