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April 14, 2009


B.De = Berlin Detail is a dual account of Milan and Michaelo, cream made of fashion design and communications management.

Our basic idea was to make a photo collection and to promote it through exhibitions in Europe. The plan was to start with equipment in Berlin, to develop it as "Berlinmetamorphosen" and to present it first in Belgrade and then to go further and north...

Milan moved to Berlin first, Michaelo came a bit later and the "Berlinmetapmorphosen" came to an ended. Actually with the end of "Berlinmetamorphosen" began B.De = Berlin Detail - the collection of photos, inspired by Berlin and made for its fans all over the world (including both of us, of course). As it should be we talked to friends first...at least we are thinking so...and the opinions were completely different. And we love differences :), but at the end we decided to listen to ourselves because there is no better way then your way.

One client of ours wanted a photo print on a t-shirt. We did it and went one step further into developing B.De = Berlin Detail walking gallery...and decided to develop the idea completely using the entire web 2.0 and its possibilities as communication ways for B.De = Berlin Detail...

Enjoy it as we enjoy every day making it, and stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

Friendly regards from Berlin

Milan and Michaelo