In the cyber world we live in today, where everyone has a cyberphone in their pocket and a connection to cyberspace from their desktop computer, it seems that just about everybody has an opinion on everything, and they’re able to share that opinion instantly everywhere with everyone.

So perhaps it shouldn’t be such a surprise that her trainers have reported that Koko the gorilla just signed that she thinks Curt Schilling was the clear winner of this week’s Democratic presidential-candidate debates in Las Vegas.

Koko, who is in the news this week for celebrating her 44th birthday with some kittens, is seen signing her opinion in this video released online:

To the untrained eye, it seems like Koko is just playing with some kittens in that video. But for those who know ASL, you’ll notice that Koko clearly signs that she thinks Curt Schilling won the debate, shortly after she signs that she wants one of the kittens placed on her head.

The maternal love that Koko shows for those kittens is clearly adorable. What’s less clear is why Curt Schilling was the winner of the debates. Schilling, a disgraced sports analyst who was removed from his post for offensive remarks previously, was in the news this week for responding to a Donald Trump tweet about the #DemDebate saying that he thought the winner was “ISIS.”

Schilling, the master troll, seems to be joking, or at the very least just being provocative for the sake of getting a reaction. Schilling later admitted that he didn’t even watch the debates.
Koko, however, thought the remark was enough to make him the winner. Can someone who didn’t watch the debates, let alone participate in them, but later made a joke about them be the winner? Koko the gorilla seems to think so.

In this week, Koko separates herself from the several pundits who felt Hillary Clinton won the debate (such as The New York Times), as well as from the majority of online polls from viewers who felt that Bernie Sanders was the winner. If we don’t listen to pundits or polls but instead turn our attention to cold, hard cash, then it seems the winner was Sanders, who raised over $1 million from individual donations directly following the debate on CNN.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 2.34.31 PM.png

This non-scientific CNN poll found Bernie Sanders to be the winner; Koko the gorilla disagreed!

I love Koko the gorilla a great deal, but my initial reaction was that she should stay out of political commentary and stick to what she does best: Being a noble creature who reminds us through her gentle intelligence something about our own humanity.

But then in later interviews it was revealed that Koko herself was making a meta-level joke. “Koko no watch Democrat debate,” Koko signed to a reporter from The Daily Mail. “Koko no have Twitter either. Koko think Curt Schilling dumb blowhard who media should no listen to no more. Media, listen to Koko. No give Curt Schilling attention. This what Curt Schilling want. Giving him soap box to stand on make as much sense as listening to gorilla for political punditry. Koko no like political punditry. Koko like kittens and babies and Robin Williams. Koko miss Robin Williams. Koko sad now.”

If you’d like to donate or learn more about Koko and The Gorilla Foundation, you can visit her website here.

If you have made it this far in the article and are still looking for diversion, may I suggest watching this old clip of Robin Williams interacting with Koko: