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July 31, 2015

Felix Stricklin is a proud American racist who is quite disturbed by what he sees passing for legitimate, oppressive racism in the United States presently and simply wants to do his part in correcting the problem.

Felix Stricklin is a proud American racist who is quite disturbed by what he sees passing for legitimate, oppressive racism in the United States presently and simply wants to do his part in correcting the problem.

In our country today there is a lot of talk of racism. I would like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention some flaws in your side of the conversation, non-racists. Here is the problem: Almost anything can be considered racist. Why is that a problem? For generations, my people have struggled to maintain our way of life, and, frankly, it is insulting to see what we have built reduced to something as harmless as the car in The Dukes of Hazard. There are real racists putting in the time to hold minorities down in this country, and it’s time we spoke up.

First, Some History.

I will not go into too much detail here, but there are a couple of important facts to remember. First, and most importantly, our great nation was built by men who saw a weaker race and took their stuff whether through trickery or violence. We were smarter; therefore, we were better; therefore, we get the land and resources. It’s not rocket science, people.

Second, we built our country by owning people. Think about that for just a second. We owned people. Even the nice people who owned people still owned people. Without the owning of people, what would we be today? Norway? God help us.

See, racism in America is as old as America itself. We have a heritage, a legacy. Our children today owe a lot to my people.

Lazy Racism

Here is my problem: racists today are lazy. There. I said it, and I don’t care who is offended by it. If this offends you, maybe you need to step up your game.Today, all you have to do is wave a Confederate flag behind your truck or use an outdated term or unfairly stereotype a group of people and you’re considered the same caliber racist as the harsh American slave-owners of the pre-Civil War era. The biggest problem is that people are buying it. Now, any idiot who publicly makes a comment about a minority is a racist, but it’s so much more than that.

The Nuances of American Racism

Calling people names or waving flags can be racist acts, but, in reality, who do those actions really affect? No one. True racism—the kind our country was built on—seeks to make life more difficult for minorities. That is what makes it difficult because in today’s society you cannot have laws that overtly say that people who are not white can’t do certain things. So my people have had to get a little creative. One example is housing. This is one of our most effective moves. I’m pretty proud of it. The real racists in this country have been working for years to create and maintain the belief among Blacks, for instance,in society that to be successful means to move out of your old, poor neighborhood into a newer, better, and preferably more white neighborhood. Do you understand why that is so effective? That means the only people left in the poorer neighborhood are the ones who can’t leave, so things never really improve because city governments are going to focus their efforts where the money is. Brilliant, huh? Well, it gets even better. This is the most genius part. If too many Black people move into a nice, predominantly white neighborhood, we have maintained a culture in which the property values in that neighborhood will fall, ultimately creating a new poor neighborhood for people to strive to leave for a better one. It’s the perfect storm of racist structures, and it’s all thanks to people who have devoted their lives to making it that way.

Another great accomplishment for American racists is found in America’s religious institutions—primarily Christian churches. Now for those unfamiliar, Christians follow Jesus Christ—the Son of God who came to earth preaching one primary message: Love God and people. He meant all people. Now, here is what we did with that. Once slavery was abolished, we worked to keep the churches separate. That was easy because it was the law. When the Civil Rights Act passed, things became more difficult, but we persevered and kept the minds and hearts of the people segregated. It was great. Now, even today, there are churches that don’t “allow Black people” as members. How did we do it? It was tough, but we had to convince people it wasn’t racist, and we succeeded.


That brings me back to the main point. Racism is so much more than neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Skinheads, flags, words. It’s about social structures, and, in reality, the previously mentioned people and things do nothing to maintain those structures. In the end, it comes down to racists like me—the ones who don’t look racist.The people who quietly devote their lives to maintaining the structures (and sometimes creating new ones) that give Whites the advantage, so please do not lump us in with the surface racists you see on TV or here on the radio. Give us some credit.


Felix Stricklin

American Racist