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June 24, 2009


Since ancient times, the Chinese have the habit of wearing jade. For the defense of the matter is not auspicious to longevity. In traditional medical treasure- the jade can be medicine to make people calm and quite.
Amethyst, pearl, amber and so on have been used as drugs.
According to medical research, Jade has a high-intensity electronic, electron diffraction can be enough to affect the release of the body's bio-electricity, to stimulate the endocrine regulation of energy metabolism.

Gem has specisal photoelectric effect. forme of an electromagnetic field while in cutting, grinding and polishing process of the. These effects set formed with a resonator, resonance occurs with the human body, so that all parts of the body a more coordinated operation. In addition, many precious stones, jade contains zinc, copper, germanium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, selenium and other trace elements beneficial for human body.handmade jewelry
Some stones can be issued and fluorescent phototherapy, acupuncture points to stimulate the human body, play a role in treatment. Studies suggest that the German experts: Amethyst person can lift the state of tension, a sedative effect; Aquamarine can ease pain caused by respiratory diseases; amber can help people overcome depression; diamonds make people energetic; celestite of stomach and digestive diseases have a certain effect; opal can be reported to protect the heart; Ruby to improve the reproductive ability of people to help; pearls can protect the human skin.

When choosing jewelry, care should be taken because some gemstones contain traces of radioactive substances, radiation that will be harmful rays, such as low-type zircon, by irradiation of the gem. When the radiation exceeds a certain limit, it will cause harm to human health.
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