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January 22, 2013

Angus Young of AC/DC and Jon Bon Jovi have different opinions about gun control


In an attempt to disassociate himself with gun violence Jon Bon Jovi has agreed to change some of the band’s hardcore lyrics, following repeated requests from the leftist group Rockers Against Guns.  The lyric “shot through the heart”, from the band’s first #1 hit You Give Love a Bad Name, will be changed to “shoved my fist through your heart,” and the Dead or Alive line “a loaded six string on my back” will be revised to “a standard-issue non-weaponized electric guitar.” 

When Rockers Against Guns’ founder Jeff Michaels asked AC/DC if they would change their hardcore lyrics the same as Bon Jovi did, lead guitarist Angus Young promptly pulled out a .45 caliber handgun and shot Michaels for considering Bon Jovi hardcore.  Ironically, Michaels was shot once through the heart and despite eyewitnesses and overwhelming evidence, Young believes pussies like Bon Jovi give guns a bad name.