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October 23, 2014

Breakdowns of the best anal sex episodes from your favorite classic TV shows!

There is a long tradition of beloved TV shows offering up anal sex–driven special episodes. Here are just a few of those episodes, which, as ALF used to say, “really took it down to Brown Town, Willie!”:

Dallas: “Who Shot J.R. And Then Had Anal Sex With Him? (Part One)” (1980): The quintessential cliffhanger by which all other cliffhangers are measured; viewers were left to wonder for a whole summer which of the other characters had shot J.R. (Larry Hagman) and then had graphic anal sex with his lifeless body.

Cheers: “Two For The Road” (1993): Toward the end of the mega-popular series’ run, the showrunners felt somewhat obligated to give the audience what it wanted, and happily obliged by breaking the longstanding “will they/won’t they"tension between Cliff and Norm. This culminated in one of the most tender and memorable anal sex scenes in television (and certainly filthy basement barroom!) history.

MASH, season 11 (1982-83): As many diehard fans know, the entire final season of the blockbuster dramedy took place in a conceptual reality, where the Korean War was raging inside God’s anus.

Maude: “Maude’s Dilemma (Part Two)” (1973): This landmark episode featured Bea Arthur’s titular character, Maude, deciding to get an abortion—a controversial first for television. She then vows only to have anal sex from that point on, and does so.

Friends: “The One Without All The Anal Sex” (2002): In a stark departure from the way the show normally functioned, this was the one and only episode of Friends in which it was not strongly implied that the main characters were having rough anal sex every time they walked off camera.

Fraggle Rock: “Let Us Never Speak Of This Again” (1983): Although considered an incredible technical achievement due to the various Muppet genitals and orifices Jim Henson and his team had to create, ultimately, 22 minutes of Fraggles having anal sex left audiences cold.

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