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March 25, 2010


So, yeah...I have already done this on Twitter, but seeing as how my lovely co-worker follows me around on there I wasn't able to be as straight forward as I needed to be.  Anywho...I've done this before and had success...it's how I got the awesome car that I so didn't have the money to purchase, but waalaa...there it was in the back lot waiting to have a look over...no, really it was brought in minutes before I arrived on the scene...It was there just for me.  Anywho...so here I go again...making a statement of faith and then with thanksgiving claiming that which I need :)

SOF: You don't have to know how to get from Point A to Point B, you just have to know the One who does.   You don't have to know how to move the mountain, you just have to know the One who made that mountain.

That Which I Need Back Story:  I'm going to be 30 soon...EEEEKS!   I'm clean, I'm sober, I know what I want for my life and I feel like I've lost the ever important decade that most people use to create the lives that they lead.  Most people are arriving at their destinations by now and my stubborn little ass has yet to take off & I fear that I might just take off if something doesn't happen soon(eek).  Now let me clarify, I don't mean take off as in leave this planet...I mean take off as in drive west over the bridge and not stop until I run into a coastline.  And you're thinking, well, that's not so bad...But it is if you don't have proper cushion and well, I don't technically have such cushion.

I thank I AM for making the impossible, possible every day in every way :)

That Which I Need:  Ok, here it is...May I find myself on a lovely coastline in a metropolitan area with easy beach access & plenty of warm days to soak up the ever important vitamin D that my body needs AND may I have a sufficiently interesting & sufficiently sustaining career position with opportunities for advancement that has a large creative component to hold my attention & decent hours as my nights and weekends are devoted to my writing projects AND may my soulmate finally have his act together too so we can crash into each other & write crazy shit together! :)  Oh, and the kicker is that I need this before I turn 30 :)!

I  thank I AM for making the impossible, possible every day in every way!