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March 06, 2012

A ordinary day's worth of dog walking, ah, "duties" brings a variety of challenging situations to John, the neighborhood dog walker.

Mrs. Stanforth—

Duchess of Newton Heath—the little minx!—slipped her leash briefly this afternoon.  By the time I caught up with her, she was in flagrante delicto with the dog park Don Juan, a rescue mutt of unfortunate lineage.  I thought you might want to ring your vet, to head off any possible embarrassment.


Your dog walker


Mr. Abbodanza—

Diavolo’s recent cosmetic surgery has made him the talk of the dog run!  His gait does look a bit awkward, though—I assume there’s still some swelling of the “neuticals.”


PS        Diavolo’s been cowering at a shih tzu named Bernadette—do they have a history?



You’ll be pleased to hear that Miss Petit Paws’ new diet seems to be “good for what ailed her.” In anticipation of your inquiries, I’ve enclosed samples, labeled with weight and defining characteristics.




Chakra caught another “present” for me.  I disposed of it as I did the last, but this one had a collar.  Perhaps the Soy Chow is not completely filling Chakra’s nutritional needs?




Shelly and Rob—

Glad to report improvement today!  We had only one little nipping incident (Char-Char’s never liked your next-door neighbor, has she?), but she didn’t draw much blood, so I doubt there will be any legal action this time.  I understand the statute of limitations is a year, so keep an eye out for process servers, just in case.

Smooches to Charlotte,