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April 07, 2008


Fashion Statements...the biggest waste of time besides masterbation. Everyday I see people who want to 'Express' themselves by the way they dress. I guess I just dont get it anymore. Back in HighSchool I use to dress is dark colors-heavy eyeliner-fishnets-dog collar. But now when I dress like that an look into the mirror I feel like a fool. I wonder how Emo's feel when they look in the mirror? I mean as a man why would you want to wear jeans that sufficate your nuts all day? And do they feel like a man when their girlfriend or guy friends ask "hey can I use your eyeliner?" When did people stop using REAL art and REAL expression to make a statement? AllĀ  fashion does (in any form) is get you to feel accepted by certin people who normally wouldnt if you wore something different from them. I remember when I decided to grow up one year and stopped being 'Gothic', I went to school and everyone called me a 'Poser' because I wore blue jeans and a regular tank top with just mascara on. At least I had an excuse for dressing the way I did, my doctor said I was mental. So why wont people challange themselves? That day I discovered the depressed and angry people really wernt my friends and that I could express the way I felt on the inside in more artistic ways (like writing poems and painting) Not to mention I finnaly got a job because all the metal in my face came out. Why do people insist on looking like idiots for the sake of acceptance and keeping up some kind of fantasy facade? I want to give Emo kids a happy meal, Gothic Kids therapy, Stoner boys a haircut, and hippie girls a shower.